Namah Te dear Everyone,

i hope this message finds everyone unconditionally well…

When one goes to a traditional Sanatana Dharma Mandir and engages the priest for a service, the priest will ask one for their gotra…

Gotra? Is this a password? Is this a position? Is this a history? Well a gotra is all of these. A gotra is the lineage, the source, the origin of who you are.

So where do you begin? Where is your family now? A teacher will ask about the names and forms. A guru will ask about the virtues and vices. How did your virtues begin? What vices do you have now? Perhaps a ‘family tree’ will help…here’s the E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (January 26, 2015) — A Vicious Family Tree

  • Original Parent (God) – the One who was not given birth to, the Presence ever looking at us from within and ever looking after us from without, the One who will never be subject to death, is God – our Creator is of the nature of all virtues in infinite measure, in other-words God is virtues and virtues are God
  • Grandparent (ignorance) – a sin is that which makes us forget who we are and this phantom relative has not only made us forget our roots, it has coerced us to believe that limitation, weakness and sadness runs in our blood – the original sin then is not women nor wealth as some religions propagate rather is ignorance which is their cause
  • Parent (desire) – as long as one is not identified with their Infinite nature one will feel incomplete forever and so one will give birth to plans for completeness forever – the honest will realize articles-beings-circumstances cannot make us feel full they can only make us feel more dependent
  • Children (anger, greed, delusion, arrogance, jealousy) – as we ‘grow’ in insecurity we express our frustrations, confusions, exhaustion by giving birth to more wrong thinking – in our apparitions we have strategized that to deal with anger we need to procure more, to deal with greed we need to distract ourselves, etc.
  • Grandchildren (vices) – when our plan is to control vices by vices, these children breed among themselves giving birth to endless mental detractors – what is draining our physical and mental strength right now: fear, anxiety, envy, bitterness, boredom, procrastination, etc., etc., etc.,
  • Truth – ignorance can never be an independent entity hence this proves the existence of a prior entity – the corollary of knowing ignorance is not real is we are NOT born as sinners we are born as God…

vidya danam maha danam (giving knowledge is the greatest giving)…as i complete this E-Vichara i remember Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda whose ‘Mission’ (sharing) was/is ‘Chinmaya’ (knowledge) for this is the ONLY antidote to the disease of ignorance.

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): Express to your Guru how grateful you are for the life saving and life making knowledge he/she has unconditionally given to you.

Watch the Superbowl? One of the most amazing plays actually happened before the game. Please read the following article from USA Today on how Tom Brady remembers Bhagavan Ganesha before he plays Remover of Obstacles, Winner of Superbowls

"Sin is not in the action in itself, but in the tendency to live and think negatively, which is left over in our mind as a result of our own wrong actions." ~ Swami Chinmayananda


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