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YEP Blog – Ankita Janakiraman

“These two months have flown by and the experiences had here have been quite unforgettable and have impacted my life in ways I never expected. My growth has just started…”
-Ankita Janakiraman

Hari Om!
Applying to YEP and coming to YEP was a very easy decision I made, however due course of this journey […]

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YEP Blog – Divya Rao

“I know from the bottom of my heart, that these 2 months were invaluable experiences and I shall never forget them.”
-Divya Rao

I came to YEP thinking it would be an awesome, two month discourse on Vedanta. But in reality it become a laboratory, where I was both the scientist and the subject . […]

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YEP Blog – Pranav Rao

“Coming to YEP has opened my eyes of how I was living my life. I have learned how to be an efficient person, now it is up to me to make the correct changes.”
-Pranav Rao

The Youth Empowerment Program has really pointed me into the right direction. YEP has really allowed me to learn […]

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YEP Blog – Ashwin Chandra

“The clarity that I’ve cultivated here leads to a conviction I will have forever.”
-Ashwin Chandra

YEP has been an amazing experience. The knowledge that I’ve learnt here has been game changing. Although all this knowledge was available to me before, the great thing about YEP is the setting and the discipline it inculcates in […]

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YEP Blog – Swathi Anantha

“YEP has caught me from the tumultuous waves of life, my guru has placed me on a raft, and the seva activities & sadana will keep me firmly rooted in my pursuit of peace&happiness, living every day to the fullest.”
-Swathi Anantha

Hari Om.
I had completed my Masters and was a working professional when I realized […]

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YEP Blog – Rahul Dharmavartha

“It has helped me lift myself out of this confusion and my own personal apathy, and instead has inspired me to be something more, something greater. “
-Rahul Dharmavartha

Coming into YEP, I was a very volatile, disillusioned, confused, and angry young man. I had so many things, so many shackles binding me to an individual […]

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YEP Blog – Nirav Shah

“In a lifetime, we have a certain amount of years. This course taught me “what” ‘I’ should do with each hour, each day, each year, and my entire life. Along with this, it taught me “how” to do it.”
-Nirav Shah

Dear Swamiji and Batch #1 Yuvaveers,
I cannot express the effect of this course in words, […]

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YEP Blog – Sanjana Manikandan

“YEP has given me much more than what I can articulate in a limited time and space, but it has foremost taught me how to think, and how to maintain an inner sanctuary of peace through the chaos of our daily lives. “
-Sanjana Manikandan

Coming to YEP, I had heard stories from people who had […]

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YEP 2013 Thesis

The treetops rustle and I can hear birds chirping all around me. As I sit in what we’ve all fondly come to call the Krishna Grove, I come to terms with the past two months.

I look up into Bhagvan Krishna’s dark stone eyes and thank Him for the Guru he has placed in my life.

My […]

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YEP from a Mother’s Perspective

I am Reena Patel’s mother, Snehlata Patel and I would like to tell you about why you must consider attending the 2014 Youth Empowerment Program (YEP).

The first time as a family we found out about the YEP was at the Boston Mahasamathi Camp in 2012. Reena saw the ad for the Youth Empowerment Program and […]

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