Namah Te dear All,

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, constantly and unconditionally Joyous!

yatha drishti tatha srishti I (As your vision, as is living.)

A scientist, artist and lover would all ‘see’ a flower differently, no? Well as seekers, all we ‘see’ should be Divine, no?

To help train our vision to ‘see’ the Truth, we study the meaning of a famous bhajan (Palan Hare from Lagan), as sung by our E-Vichara..

E-Vichara (March 6, 2017) — Dear Nurturing Lord

  • O palan hare nirguna aur nyare (Dear nurturing Lord you are indescribable and limitless) – the fundamental way the Infinite nurtures us is with Existence, with Awareness
  • Yeh gagan hai magan tumhe to diye ho isse tare (The sky enjoys the stars the Creator has given) – the Infinite is all inside of us, the Infinite is all outside of us, coming and going is only a play of forms and names
  • Bhagavan yeh jivan tumhe na sanwaroge (God if you do not beautify living who will) – God is of the nature of everlasting virtues, the more of which we invoke the more beautiful we become
  • Dukhi jan ko dhiraj do (To the sorrowful give fortitude) – All challenges are a form of training if our focus is on virtue development
  • Bhakti ko shakti do (To the devoted give strength) – The strong rely on the Divine, freeing themselves from dependency
  • Tumare bina humara koi nahin (Without You we have no one) – Our only relationship beyond space, time, matter, cause for compassion, etc. is our Original Parent whom we all need to make more time for…

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): Hanumana Masa begins today! And to prepare for this Divine month please watch the following practical discourses on Holistic Development, nay please internalize the following devoted discourses on Hanuman Chalisa enabling us to protect Sanatana Dharma, empowering us to share Sanatana Dharma — Living Hanuman Chalisa

Laughing Adventure of the Week (LAW): What do you call a bagel that flies? A ‘plane’ bagel!

Satsanga Adventure of the Week (SAW):

In 1 month…join us for Being the Bigger Person, a womens Retreat in London, Canada on April 29 — Being the Bigger Person

In 2 months…join us for Finding Calmness in Chaos, a young adults Retreat in Los Angeles, America from May 26-29 — Finding Calmness in Chaos

In 3 months…join in Realizing the Spirit of Indian Culture, a summer program in Veliyanad, Bharat from June 17-26 — Realizing the Spirit of Indian Culture

"To establish ourselves in contemplation upon the Lord’s feet is to enter into a harbour safely away from the tyranny of time." ~ Swami Chinmayananda


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