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As you are reading this collection of characters on an electronic screen, how do you know you are not dreaming? How do you know there is not a different reality than what you believe is real? How do you know if you are as happy as Life has planned for you to be?

In 1999 a revolution manifested in theatres across the world. Some claimed this revolution was initiated by an action movie. Some claimed by a science fiction movie. We of course know this revolution was initiated by a Vedantic movie.

T H E    M A T R I X…    T H E    E – V I C H A R A…

Special E-Vichara (September 22, 2014) — Enter The Matrix to Exit The Matrix

  • What we believe determines our perspective – initially Neo (short for neophyte or shishya) does not believe in freedom nor himself and so he is stuck in outer and inner limitations unlike Morpheus (Guru)
  • What we believe is facilitated by the belief system of those around us (satsanga or dussanga) – Trinity (the one who has balanced the guna-s and so is free from the guna-s) encourages Neo physically, mentally and intellectually to believe in the Higher
  • Maya expresses through the guna-s and all these ‘ropes’ are constantly around us to bind us to maya – Agent Smith (sattva guna) appreciates what Freedom (moksha) is intellectually yet not comprehensively and so strives to prevent Neo from seeking anything more
  • If one does not release themselves from the grip of maya one physically dies, one metaphysically dies – if one enters the matrix (samsara) after having escaped, the pull of the illusory condition on the mind is so strong that death in the illusion causes death in reality
  • The Creator knows all about all of us and uses creation (i.e. nature, Guru, etc.) to guide us to Him in the best way – while in the matrix Neo receives many messages from Morpheus in overt and covert ways
  • A sincere seeker will be directed to a sincere guide and a sincere guide will direct this deserving seeker to sincere answers – when Neo follows Morpheus’s directions fully he is safe and as soon as he doubts Morpheus’s directions he is trapped
  • Following the message of the shastra-s/sadhu-s is risky for once we change accordingly we find unparalleled meaning in every moment and such a transformation to our personality, to our lives, cannot be undone – Morpheus is described as the most dangerous entity in the matrix
  • Deep in our awareness we know we are living two lives: one filled with masks as we sell ourselves as someone we are not and one filled with truth as we strengthen ourselves being who we are – before Neo meets Morpheus, Trinity advises him to be honest for Morpheus too has experienced the same inner conflict
  • Intellectually we all know maya cannot complete us yet we keep trying different combinations/permutations of maya hoping for completion – Morpheus shares with Neo that we cannot explain what the problem with the world is
  • One who is ignorant does not know they are ignorant, extended further, one who is born into bondage does not know they are bound – Morpheus, or one who changed and so can cause change, willingly returns to the matrix to offer Neo knowledge, extended further, to offer Neo release
  • All that is objective can be described (i.e. the colour of a flower, the taste of honey, etc.), all that is subjective can only be experienced (i.e. Love, Enlightenment, etc.) – Morpheus offers Neo only the Truth, in other words Morpheus is offering the Infinite Subject compared to finite objects
  • Within Sanatana Dharma the upanayana samskar (tradition of being led to the Guru) highlights how one’s parents give one a physical birth and one’s Guru gives one a metaphysical birth which if fulfilled will free one from ever having another physical birth – when Neo is freed from the matrix he is freed from the confinement of an indefinite womb, he has his second birth (he has no hair, he cannot see, etc.)
  • The body only perceives while the mind actually interprets which should cause one to think if perception is even real (i.e. the sun rising) – the neural interactive simulation in the matrix like the mind in maya, makes our experiences ‘real’
  • The sadhana-s (disciplines) to the Sadhya (Freedom) are simple yet not easy and the longer one is immersed in maya the more complicated and challenging sadhana becomes – Neo is guided to understand and appreciate that if one is not pursuing the Truth than one is pursuing an illusion and even if he could back to the matrix would he want to
  • A shishya never has as much faith as the Guru and so fear limits their potential – Morpheus encourages Neo to not believe he is stronger rather to know he is stronger
  • Only when a shishya is readied with a balanced, focused, refined mind does the Guru guide them to Bhagavan – when Neo is ready to be fully unplugged Morpheus guides him to the Oracle (Omniscient)
  • Ignorance is bliss is a lie ignorant people say to themselves and others to validate their vices (i.e. laziness, aggression, etc.) – Cypher (expression of tamas) believes he is trapping Morpheus when he is the one being trapped, forever
  • If we value non-essentials as non-essentials we conserve enough physical/mental energy to reach for the Essentials – outside the matrix the seekers eat only what the body needs not what the body wants
  • Bhagavan Krishna teaches Prince Arjuna they are the same yet Prince Arjuna has forgotten this, so too there is only Existence yet we have forgotten this and are lost in apparent separation – a young seeker tells Neo that there is no spoon to bend and Neo eventually realizes this Truth for in his final fight with the Agents he simply sees ‘code’ in the form of the Agents, the wall, the bullets, his hands, etc.
  • Articles, beings and circumstances within the multiverse are not intrinsically Joyous and pursuing these keeps one incomplete – whenever in the matrix, the colour is tinged green, the colour of jealousy (incompleteness) and such an environment can never teach us where Joy is
  • If we do not believe we will reach Enlightenment in this lifetime surely we will have to wait for the next lifetime – Neo is taught that time is always against them
  • Believing we are in control of ourselves causes us to believe we are in control of others and such egotism is a invitation for suffering – Agent Smith shares how humans define themselves by sorrow
  • Humans will always be more advanced than computers – Neo is dejected that he falls off the roof not realizing that he is beyond the roof, he is beyond air, he is beyond death
  • The Guru will do anything for the shishya, the Guru will give everything to the shishya – Morpheus unhesitatingly sacrifices his life to facilitate Neo’s experience that he is the One (Neo rearranged)

Reflection Assignment of the Week (RAW): Watch The Matrix, whether for the first time or for the fiftieth time, alongside this map.

Next movie analysis to be shared: The Incredibles. Stay tuned for this. In the meantime, continuing with our recent theme of superheroes, check out the following article from Forbes on The Dark Knight Trilogy — Learning to Lead from Batman

“If you want to awaken all of humanity, then awaken all of yourself. If you want to eliminate the suffering in the world, then eliminate all that is dark and negative in yourself. Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu


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