Namah Te from Udaipur!

i hope this message finds everyone unconditionally well…

The nature of the work i do is to share thoughts on self development. i do this through envisioning projects, i do this through speaking at celebrations, i do this through building teams.

i also do this through social media. This forum alone enables me to share knowledge with ~ 250,000 minds every year. And so many of these minds do not like what i share! People tell me i am complicated, i am boring, i am unauthentic, etc. i can write a whole E-Vichara on the harsh comments people have ‘thoughtfully’ shared with me through social media!!!

What do i think about all this? i, "Do what you value and value what you do" (~ Swami Tejomayananda). And so i will keep on sharing. And i also know (insert message title here) hahaha! How should we think, speak and act towards haters? Let’s E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (December 1, 2014) — Haters Gonna Hate, Hate Hate, Hate, Hate

  • Creation is neither good nor bad nor any label for the Creator is beyond such finitude – what creates good, bad, etc. is the perspective of those who feel they are separate from Creation
  • Knowledge facilitates our perspective – a knowledgeable personality will have the perspective to learn from any experience while an ignorant personality will have the perspective to not learn from any experience
  • The logic of why we take criticism seriously is we take compliments seriously – each and every one of us have received countless criticisms/compliments and we will continue to receive the same so why make the normal special
  • If we receive accurate criticism we should be grateful for such guidance and change accordingly – if we receive inaccurate criticism we should be grateful we are different than the judgement delivered
  • The ego makes us focus on our strengths and others’ weaknesses causing us to feel we are the standard of comparison – when our weaknesses come to focus we should not retaliate by focussing on the same in others/ourselves rather we should focus on the uniqueness, contribution, effort of the hater and hated
  • By externalizing our validation we enter a game which cannot be won and since we only lose we come to hate ourselves and then others – our ONLY judge is ourself, our ONLY jury is the Creator

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): Before thinking/speaking any negativity about another person/persons think/speak two positives.

The next E-Vichara will be sent while in the middle of The Chinmaya Inspiration Yatra III (poster attached). 31 CHYKs from 16 North American cities engaging the sadhu-s and ashram-s of Bharat for 20 days. Want to know more? Check out these casual videos from the previous Yatra-s — The CIY I & The CIY II

"He is a mahatma who keeps the tongue, the word and the mind perfectly under control and patiently withstands all provocations." ~ Swami Tapovanam


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