Namah Te dear Seekers,

i hope this email finds you unconditionally well…

Last week i facilitated a 4 day training program on FEAR (Face Everything and Rise). Following this i facilitated a 4 day training program on LOVE (Thy-self, Thy-neighbour, Thy-mother).

Though fear and love fully oppose each other, the registrants of both programs were united in believing that sadhana is chanting, sadhana is going to a course, sadhana is changing your identity. Fascinating. Any sadhana that is confined to such a box is enslaving.

Sadhana is a vision to know God. And so this should be engaged in while bathing, while driving, while negotiating, while studying, while cooking, while entertaining, while sleeping…to know God every moment has to be directed to God. Same message different words – to know God every moment we have to engage in sadhana.

Starting at home. Remember, charity begins at home. Remember, home is where the heart is. Remember, home is sadhana. Let’s repair home with our E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (February 9, 2015) — Home-Schooling

  • Renouncing the Snooze-button – the nature of the intellect is to decide (i.e. what time to wake up in the morning) and the nature of the mind is to doubt (i.e. what time to wake up in the morning) – by being honest, not ambitious, about what time we need to wake up, and by being clear, not emotional, about what we need to do during the day, we will weaken the minds pull towards laziness
  • Making the Bed – a bed is a sacred place where one returns to the ‘lap of God’ when sleeping and so a bed should be treated as an altar – everyone wants to rest in a fresh place and when pillows, sheets, blankets are properly arranged each morning we create that fresh place for us to feel refreshed
  • Functional Grooming – the mind has tricked us into believing we are not Brahman we are the body and in our hypnosis we treat the ‘vehicle’ as the ‘owner’ – reduce the resources, time and effort directed to the body (i.e. less expensive clothing, less bathroom time, more simple meals, etc.) to guide one to redirect the saved resources, time and effort to knowing/being Brahman
  • Putting away Clothes – we are all expressions of our Creator, interdependent on each other, hence the condition of our appearance affects everyone around us – by folding our clothes when clean, by collecting our clothes when dirty, we develop a discipline to complete what we commence
  • Doing the Dishes – procrastination is a choice to defeat oneself by oneself, instead make a clean sink one’s responsibility to soften one’s moodiness – the path of least resistance (preyas) is to wash today’s dishes tomorrow and tomorrow’s dishes ‘never’ while the path of most resistance (shreyas) is to never let dirty dishes see tomorrow
  • Purposeful Communication – as technology grows in capability we grow in incapability sans technology thus we should only use communication devices for essential reasons – to begin the detoxification treatment, ‘silence’ all these devices during meals enabling us to communicate with each other without a ‘mask’

Keep exploring different ‘classrooms’ in your own home, keep discovering different ‘lessons’ in your own life.

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): Discuss the above ideas with your family and collectively implement one without any lapses.

Many times i have read – the average child laughs 300 times a day while the average adult laughs 15 times a day. This evolving of the body and concurrent devolving of the mind is not a laughing matter. Henceforth, in an attempt to realign the body-mind, we are going to introduce a new LAW! A simple joke to be visualized in your own mind, a simple joke to be shared with others, for the simple reason of not taking oneself so seriously.

Laughing Adventure of the Week (LAW):
Boy: Do you know that man over there? He’s the meanest man I ever met!

Girl: Do you know who I am? I’m that man’s daughter.

Boy: Do you know who I am?

Girl: No.

Boy: Thank goodness!!!

And did you see how lucky Prime Minister Modi is…he got to meet Pujya Swami Tejomayananda (picture attached). Our Pujya Swami Chinmayananda’s Birth Centenary Celebrations will be ignited in 11 weeks…are you ready?

“Moderation in conversation is a great sadhana. As far as possible, talk of God. Don’t pollute your mind with petty talk of love and hate.” ~ Swami Tapovanam


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