• Chinmaya Mission West has been divided into 4 regions: West, Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. Each region will have one Jyoti (lamp) under the guidance of one of the four Acharyas: Swami Ishwaranandji, Swami Shivatmanandji (formerly Brahmachari Girish Chaitanya), Acharya Vivekji, and Acharya Dhirenji.
  • A route has been mapped for each region. The Jyoti will travel along the route, remaining within each center on the route for the duration of one month.
  • Under the guidance of the local board members & Acharya(s), the CHYK & Junior CHYK groups will take on the responsibility of planning, advertising, and implementing events at each center during the month in which their center hosts the Jyoti. These local CHYK & jCHYK groups will also receive training and guidance from the CHYK West leaders and the Jyoti Yatra Core team of CHYKs.
  • The host center may conduct a series of events including, but not limited to, the following: a Paduka Puja Series at Devotee’s Homes, The Gurudev – Musical, a Yuva Rhythms Music Night, a Jnana Sangam Interfaith Dialogue and Mela, an Art Exhibition on Gurudev’s Names, Acharya Discourses, an Inspiration Satsang, a He Did It Tournament, a Jyoti Yatra-thon March, and finally a Samashti Paduka Puja at the Mission center. Publicity and marketing for the On A Quest Biopic on Gurudev, which is to be released in the next year, will also be undertaken at all Mission centers as an extended part of the Yatra.
  • Each center’s celebrations will end with a grand Samashti Paduka Puja for Gurudev, conducted by one of the four Acharyas overseeing the Yatra in that region. This event will conclude with the transportation of the Jyoti to the next center along the route.

The Jyoti Yatra recognizes, honors, and celebrates the greatness of Pujya Gurudev’s life in a fifteen-month-long event, starting on Gurudev’s 99th birthday on May 8th 2015 and culminating on Gurudev’s Mahasamadhi day on August 3rd, 2016. During this time of his Centennial Birth Celebrations, this Jyoti Yatra expresses our gratitude for Gurudev’s blessings, guidance, and immortal vision of enlightenment for the world. Jyoti Yatra will be planned and executed by the CHYK West members, under the guidance of the Chinmaya Mission West Board of Directors, each local center’s board members, and Chinmaya Mission West Acharyas. This event will further cement the “We stand as one family” maxim within all the Chinmaya Mission West centers and CHYK groups in the West.

“What makes a person great is a moment of inspiration, culminating in a clear vision of the goal, brought to fruition with relentless hard work. Then, a person’s life becomes one of extraordinary achievements in both inner and outer worlds, inspiring and motivating others to follow. This is also the story of Pujya Gurudev.”

| Swami Tejomayanandaji, 2011, He Did It |

Remove Ignorance. Light a Jyoti..

  • Bring Gurudev’s glory and blessings to every Chinmaya Mission family across North America.
  • Spread awareness of Gurudev’s inspirational story and Chinmaya Mission’s current international work and accomplishments through Jyoti Yatra events at each center.
  • Strengthen both the unity among the current Chinmaya Mission West families at each local center AND the bond between Chinmaya Mission centers across the West through a continuous Yatra.
  • Solidify and expand CHYK groups within Chinmaya Mission West centers by involving the CHYKs and junior CHYKs. We hope to have CHYK groups in all 50 Chinmaya Mission West centers, as well as at least one university CHYK group in the vicinity of each CM center, by the end of the Jyoti Yatra.
  • Empower our CM Youth by having this initiative be an opportunity for them to gain leadership skills under the guidance of their local board members & Acharya(s).
  • Increase the number of connections with individuals and organizations beyond our Chinmaya Mission community. For example, we will work alongside various temples & temple organizations, Hindu & Indian student groups at Universities (HSA, ISO, etc), language-based groups (ATA, TANA, Gujarati Samaj, Kannada Sangha, etc.), and other organizations which may not be directly affiliated with the Hindu community.