The Jyoti Yatra Manual is a comprehensive text which details the purpose, objectives, overview, and organizational details of the Jyoti Yatra. The JoY Manual is accessible in both PDF and Word formats. The Word format can be downloaded and modified for use at each local Mission center.

The Jyoti Yatra lasts for a duration of 15 months – from May 8th, 2015 to August 3rd, 2016. Each Mission center in the Yatra will host the Jyoti for one month within this 15 month period (as scheduled in the JoY Manual). During the month in which the Mission center hosts the Jyoti, they may conduct any or all of the 11 suggested events in the Manual.

Absolutely, yes! Each center can plan as many activities and events as they are able during the month in which they host the Jyoti. Do send in your thoughts and other event ideas to [email protected] so that we can share what is done at your center.

If 30 devotees sign up for 30 days to host the Paduka Puja at their home, then there will be a puja conducted for each day of the month in which the Mission center hosts the Jyoti. On top of these pujas, the other suggested events can also occur. It may be more convenient for the Pujas to occur daily in the morning, while other events can occur in the evenings and especially on weekends. The JoY Manual provides the event layout of an ideal plan for the month during which a Mission center hosts the Jyoti which can be referenced to plan all these events efficiently.

Absolutely – check out pictures, videos, and other media here. Likewise, please send photographs, video footage, or any other “testimonial” media from YOUR center’s JoY events to [email protected]

Please contact [email protected] for the Musical Kit. This Kit includes all the material you will need to produce the play in your locality. Please keep in mind that though the Kit includes the audio soundtrack of the play and the cast & crew information, the leadership at your center will need to put in much effort well ahead of time in order to make the Musical a success. You can view the pilot production of the Musical here – CHYK and jCHYKs from Dallas formed a majority of the cast & crew for the pilot production. Each Mission center should also harness the local CHYKs and jCHYKs to produce the play.

Each center is responsible for transporting the Jyoti to the next Chinmaya Mission center on the route at the end of their month of celebrations. Each center should communicate with the next center on finalizing the logistics of transportation. CHYKs are encouraged to accompany any board member(s), Acharya(s), and/or sevaks who volunteers to drive the Jyoti to the next center.

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