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Today my mother and father left for Bharat to be part of Chinmaya Mission’s Vedanta Course in Sidhabari, Himachal Pradesh. For 2 1/2 years they will be exposed to the vision of the scriptures and sages. During this period of intense sadhana (developmental discipline) the vision of the scriptures and sages will become their vision.

And what is this vision? Perpetual betterment (pb). With such a vision the whole universe changes! Every experience becomes a teacher!! Especially movies hahaha!!!

Kung Fu Panda – a fun animated feature OR a serious message on fundamentals? Depends on your perspective. Let us grow up from looking at the Universe with eyes (sight) to looking at the Universe with the mind (vision), through the lens of our E-Vichara…

Special E-Vichara (March 24, 2014) — Kung Fu Panda

  • Master Oogway never had expectations of any of his students for there is no charge for awesomeness – if one honestly loves their responsibilities one’s focus will not be on reciprocity
  • Po’s indiscipline is communicated by his constant clumsiness – the sentiment a healthy seeker feels towards a Master is wanting to be near (attracted by the expression of Love) yet experiencing fear (resistant to the expression of discipline)
  • Po knows growth comes through pain and so never gives in to the hurt and insult he experiences – to fulfill one’s dreams patience and perseverance are demanded
  • When Master Oogway calls for Master Shifu the latter ceases all he is doing to reach the Master and when Po remembers Master Shifu is hurt he climbs the stairs of the Jade Palace faster than ever – the greater an ideal pulls us the greater we will push ourselves
  • When Master Shifu meets Master Oogway his instinctive reaction is to ask if something is wrong – we have become overly objective in our relationships where functionality now comes before fundamentals
  • The feather of the messenger became the instrument by which Tai Lung broke out of prison – often we avoid certain articles, beings, circumstances believing we are changing our destiny when we are actually facilitating our destiny
  • Master Oogway shows Master Shifu the difference in the reflecting capacity of disturbed waters and calm waters – when our mind (vision) is rattled even our eyes (sight) cannot see clearly
  • When Master Shifu tells Master Oogway that Tai Lung has escaped from prison he smiles for he knows there are no accidents – those who have faith in the Divine are fearless
  • Master Shifu continuously belittles Po without having tried to understand him – when one lacks inner peace they become a blaming personality, they become a bullying personality
  • Master Shifu chides Po for thinking he can understand and appreciate the secrets of Kung Fu without training – engaging in selfless actions enables us to engage in Self Knowledge for our personality becomes ready for assimilation
  • The Universe decides the Dragon Warrior not power as Tai Lung expected – we keep comparing ourselves and others based on miserly measures like the experience of pleasure, possessions and position instead of the experience of Love for living
  • Po eats when he is upset – if the mind is not integrated to an ideal the mind will have free reign to be distracted
  • Master Oogway teaches what was was and what will be will be – the present is creative for action is not possible in the past nor the future
  • Tigress shares victory is achieved by finding an opponent’s weaknesses and making those one’s strengths – real victory is when we reflect on our own vices and transcend these by practicing the opposing virtues
  • Mantis shares who is he to judge a warrior by their size – how many more times do we need to be shamed by our judgement of others based on their appearance
  • Master Shifu shares his pride in Tai Lung blinded him to what Tai Lung was becoming – though we feel attachment is intrinsic to Love this is a lie and this dishonest way of living hurts us and others in a most lasting way
  • Master Oogway teaches Master Shifu there is no good news nor bad news, there is only news – in the Creator’s world there is not the duality of a better creation and a worse creation, there is only one creation
  • Master Oogway asks Master Shifu to reflect on his illusory notion of control – farmers can engage in all the right processes to grow a fruit still the growth of the fruit is beyond their efforts
  • Master Oogway asks Master Shifu to believe – a Guru guides us to become independent even of the Guru by helping us realize the Guru is ever with us
  • Po tells Master Shifu what hurts most is knowing he is ordinary – only one who has transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary can do the same for another and so obeying a Guru is solid sign of strength
  • Though initially Po needed to visualize food to train, near the completion of his training he did not need to eat the last dumpling – when we tune into inner joy our outer needs are quietened
  • Master Shifu teaches Po that a true hero is known by humility – villains are those who believe they are experts independent of the grace of God and guidance of the Guru
  • Tai Lung intelligently tries to break the faith of the people by spreading fear – faith and fear are antonyms so which do you live by
  • Po’s father shares the secret ingredient to his Secret Ingredient Soup is nothing just as the Dragon Scroll is blank – the only one who needs to believe one is special is oneself

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Last week i participated in a new style of Jnana Yajna. Fresh, interactive, dynamic. We studied a book of secular quotes entitled INSPIRATION. Each CHYK came forward and picked a meaningful or random day of the year and read the associated quote from the book. i then aspired to infuse these secular messages with sacred insights. i enjoyed this style of satsanga very much and i believe everyone else did to. In fact my upcoming Jnana Yajna-s in Flint and Frederick will be following the same format. i think you will enjoy the thoughts shared too and so we recorded them for you in the following link – INSPIRATION!

"In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence." ~ Kahlil Gibran