Namah Te Everyone,

i hope this message finds everyone unconditionally well…

The past 6 weeks Sheela, i and our 20 kg of luggage (total!) have found ourselves in 9 different airports in Bharat (India). And airports means airplanes. And airplanes mean ‘interesting’ fellow travellers.

Have you ever observed how strangely we behave getting on/off airplanes? If not you should. And to encourage observation of others, of ourselves, of living we observe our E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (January 12, 2015) — Leaving on a Jetplane

  • (Rushing the Lines) The Reactor: when the airline personnel announce which rows are to board, you fight forward as if you are going to get a better seat – The Responder: follows the announced instructions which promote all round efficiency and if others still rush, relaxes and waits until the end of the boarding period to join the line
  • (Impatience in the Aisle) The Reactor: as travellers find their seats and make themselves comfortable, you get flustered and express frustration as if the 30 second delay is a personal act against you – The Responder: understands some travellers are nervous, inexperienced, needy and gives them their time to make themselves comfortable and so everyone else
  • (Owning the Overhead Cabins) The Reactor: you feel you have paid for a ticket hence are entitled to as much space as you like – The Responder: remembers everyone has luggage hence condenses theirs in the overhead cabin and cheerfully does the same for others
  • (What Indoor Voice) The Reactor: you speak to others in an outdoor voice ignoring others talking or being quiet and listen to music in the same way – The Responder: knows everyone has different preferences on how to fly and so adapts to all by minding their own business through planning, thinking and resting
  • (Exiting the Plane Early) The Reactor: you aggressively place your bags in the aisle taking up ‘people space’ and push forward like you are the most important person on the airplane – The Responder: appreciates there is an etiquette of row by row exiting regardless of what kind of state of mind anyone is in
  • (Mosh Pit at Baggage Claim) The Reactor: you find a place at the baggage carousel and then set up a perimeter which no one can enter and if they do, you make snide remarks just audible enough for them to hear – The Responder: empathizes that personal space is a ‘subjective concept’ thus finds their bags efficiently while allowing others to do the same

The next time we meet at the airport we will observe these interesting behaviours and smile together.

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): For the next 2 weeks, consciously count/record how many times you laugh each day.

In 2013 we organized the 1st ever Chinmaya Mission Devi Retreat in North America (and possibly the world).

In 2014 we organized the 1st ever Chinmaya Mission Devika Retreat in North America (and possibly the world).

In 2015 we organized the 1st ever Chinmaya Mission Setukari Retreat in the World! More than 125 25-45 year olds from around the world gathered in Kolwan, India to listen to Pujya Swami Tejomayananda share insights into the identity and responsibilities, vision and future of Chinmaya Setukari-s (CSKs). Just as the youth gathered in Bangalore in 1975 were part of history by forming CHYK, exactly 4 decades later a new generation of young adults are now part of history with the commencement of CSK. Please check out the following link with some glimpses of the learning and laughter we all experienced — 1st Chinmaya Setukari Retreat

"Smile at life and life smiles at you; frown at life and life frowns at you." ~ Swami Chinmayananda


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