Formerly known as Bramhachari Uddhav Chaitanya, our acharya Swami Sarveshananda was bestowed Sanyasa Diksha (order of renunciation) by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide on the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri (March 02, 2011).

Swami Sarveshananda Inspired by Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Sarveshananda joined the Vedanta Course at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya in Mumbai in 1993. After completing the course in 1995, he was initiated as a Brahmachari and posted as the Resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission, Vijayawada where he served until June, 2002. In June 2002 he was posted as the Resident Acharya of Chinmaya Mission in Dallas, Texas by Pujya Guruji, Swami Tejomayananda.

Swami Sarveshananda is also the National Director of Chinmaya Mission Yuva Kendra (CHYK) West, the youth wing of Chinmaya Mission West. Swami Sarveshananda was himself a CHYK while growing up in India, and received direct guidance from Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Swami Sarveshananda works tirelessly to spread the wisdom of Vedanta through retreats, workshops, camps and innovative youth programs that inspire young people. Swami Sarveshananda has touched many lives through his service, dedication and loving presence. He is popular with children and youth because of his ability to connect with young minds.

Swami MitranandaSwami Mitrananda is an inspiring tutor, daring adventurer, vibrant speaker, creative writer, vigilant administrator & a mentor for many youngsters across the world. He has spear-headed many innovative, nation-wide projects such as the Youth Empowerment Program(YEP India), Awakening Indians to India, and Family Quiz among others.

Swami Mitrananda uses powerful tools such as outdoor experiential learning, adventure, travel, biking, car rallies, theatre, writing and creativity to convey the profound message of Vedanta propelling individual’s to tap into their hidden potential.

Through the Youth Empowerment Program he has trained more than 300 youth to serve India.

He also initiated CIM (Chinmaya Institute of Management), Chennai Chapter which is reaching out to colleges and corporate organisations with a blend of Management and Spirituality.

A highly sought-after speaker in the corporate circle, Swami Mitrananda regularly lectures on Upanishads, Geeta and many other traditional texts. He travels across the world attracting the attention of even the most uninterested person.