Namah Te from hour 68 of The Chinmaya Inspiration Yatra VIII!

i hope this message finds all my fellow seekers infinitely, constantly and unconditionally Joyous!

Our yatri-s were instructed not to bring any:

  • reading materials
  • writing materials
  • ritual materials
  • electronics
  • valuables
  • food

Our yatri-s were instructed to prepare for:

  • 40 hours of complete stillness
  • 200 hours of complete silence

One of our most demanding yatra-s thus far. One of our most transformative yatra-s thus far. i am proud of our 19 courageous yatri-s.

Demanding and transformative, sounds like a journey. Hey, how about we write about the evolution of Prince Siddhartha to Gautama Buddha through our E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (November 28, 2016) — From Baddha to Buddhva

  • Prince Siddhartha was restrained from leaving home by the ‘pleasure palace’ inhabited by only young people who were ever engaged in song and dance – when our purpose for living is pleasure, possession, position we have no energy, no time and no inclination to inquire into Peace
  • Prince Siddhartha was not satisfied with his environment and escaped the ‘pleasure palace’ to observe what living truly is – articles, beings and circumstances are only distractions if we are distracted by them
  • Prince Siddhartha upon leaving the ‘pleasure palace’ for the first time saw an old man – all that is created will change hence depending on the changing for completion is immature
  • Prince Siddhartha upon leaving the ‘pleasure palace’ for the second time saw a sick man – those who use their body-mind for apakara (selfishly) become sick of their own body-mind and those who use their body-mind for upakara (selflessly) become appreciative of their own body-mind
  • Prince Siddhartha upon leaving the ‘pleasure palace’ for the third time saw a dead man – built into a birth-day is a death-day and not being aware of the latter is a reminder that each breath should flow in the direction of moksha (the end of desires before the end of breaths)
  • Prince Siddhartha upon leaving the ‘pleasure palace’ for the fourth time saw an independent man – only Peace can create Peace, only the Content transcend context

i am humbled, i am grateful, i am JOYOUS for the grace that has empowered me to explore 4 countries through 8 yatra-s over 120 days with 212 yatri-s during the past 5 years. Truly an outward expression of an inward journey…

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): i regularly observe how casually we use serious words like love, faith, discipline, etc. And empathy…please watch the following short film to help us understand the power of empathy — Easing Pain

Laughing Adventure of the Week (LAW): A conscience is that part of you which hurts when all other parts of you feel so good!

Satsanga Adventure of the Week (SAW): In the previous E-Vichara i shared, every month next year i am going to be part of a Young Adult Retreat and/or a Youth Camp. Filling in more details:

Face Everything And Rise — Young Adult Retreat in Houston (Jan 13-16) — Facing Fear

Lift Yourself By Yourself — Young Adult Retreat in San Jose (Feb 17-20) — Self Empowerment

Harmonious Parenting — Spiritual Parenting Retreat (21+) in Chicago (Mar 10-12) — Determined Parenting

Do you understand marriage? Does the person next to you understand marriage? Is this alright? Please pause to reflect on the amount of inner and outer damage taking place in the hearts of endless individuals, endless families, endless communities, endless societies by a lack of understanding of this enlightening training in Love.

What are we supposed to do? Join us for a unique weekend retreat filled with discourses, discussions and dialogues with experienced guides (Acharya Vilasiniji and myself) and sincere friends (you) on developing a Vedantic vision to marriage.

Our gracious hosts will be Chinmaya Mission Portland. And so for Christmas, Valentine’s, etc., instead of giving cards or flowers or dinners, give development. For oneself, register. For others, spread the word. The Joy of Purpose — Understanding Marriage Retreat (21+) in Portland (Apr 14-16) — Understanding Marriage

Finally, i had shared i would update you on CM Pittsburgh’s fundraiser. We reached 125% of our aspiration! Only $1,000,000 more to be raised!!!

"When the supreme physician, the most merciful and all-loving Lord, exposes you and me to certain calamitous situations or sad circumstances, do you think that He gives us that sorrow deliberately for His own pleasure? Those who have faith in Him, will only say, "O Lord, I know that you are doing it for my own good, but along with the pain, please give me the strength to bear the pain." ~ Swami Chinmayananda



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