In order to seek and discover one’s higher potential within, CHYK focuses on spiritual growth and scriptural studies of Advaita Vedanta through study classes.

CHYK study classes are interactive reading and discussion sessions where participants study a Vedantic text based on the syllabus developed by Swami Chinmayananda and supplemented by Swami Tejomayananda. Trained moderators and class coordinators guide students to reflect deeply, examine critically, and debate positively based on their comprehension and personal experiences. Through such contemplation, students gain a more meaningful and practical insight into scriptural texts, and come to live the teachings on the strength of their convictions.

Study Groups

The CHYK study curriculum, developed by Swami Chinmayananda, and further enhanced by Swami Tejomayananda, has been given below in the order of study. All listed texts are Chinmaya publications and may be ordered through your nearest stores Chinmaya Mission center.

Each CHYK study class is for 90 minutes and the time must be utilized as follows:

  • First 15 minutes: Chanting
  • 1 hour: Discussion
  • Last 15 minutes: Read a few pages from “At Every Breath a Teaching” and “Journey of the Master” for Junior CHYKs; read a few pages from “Wanderings in the Himalayas” for CHYKs.
Study Groups

Junior CHYK

Text Period
The Game of Life 2 months
I Love You Letters 3 months
Hanuman Chalisa 4 months
The Art of God Symbolism 3 months
The Art of Living 1 year
Bhaja Govindam 6 months


Suggested Study Period: 2 ½ years


Text Period
A Manual of Self-Unfoldment 1.5 years
The Art of Man-Making 2 years
We Must 6 months
Vibhishana Gita 1 month
Sadhana Panchakam 2 months
Right Thinking 1 month


Suggested Study Period: 4 ½ years