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i hope this message finds everyone unconditionally well…

Every direction we turn to someone is trying to make us feel small:
-clothiers communicate we will look better if we wear their products
-competitions communicate we will be more worthy if we win their contests
-religions communicate we will be ‘saved’ if we convert others to their dogma

Anyone who makes us feel small is a bully. All of us are constantly being bullied. How do i know? The countless discussions, conversations, crying-sessions i have with people who do not believe in themselves…

We need to address and arrest bullying, at all levels, by believing in who we are today and who we can become tomorrow. This is the tale of an ordinary animated family encouraging us to be extraordinary, the same tale of every E-Vichara…

Special E-Vichara (December 29, 2014) — The Incredibles

  • Super powers do not make one super they simply make one powerful – understanding and appreciating every being is specially crafted by the original Artist makes one super
  • Labels limit potential – physical evolution and mental evolution are not equatable and thus incomparable
    Being loyal to an ideal (i.e. to one’s spouse, to one’s nation, etc.) is more super than any power – the loyal are not afraid of confrontation for they are aware conflict often brings the best out
  • When one’s potential is not utilized the same potential creates frustration – as long as we do not realize our Nature is Infinite-Existence-Awareness we will struggle, suffer and sob
  • If we ever feel we have to lower our best to fit in we should question how low we have already fallen – ‘luck’ favours those who are prepared
  • Respect is commanded not demanded – the respectful are respected while the disrespectful are disrespected
  • Those with nothing to lose are also those with nothing to gain – when one engages without the agenda of gaining, such a dynamo is capable of caring the most
  • If we reflect vigilantly, our most valuable possession is our sense of individuality – imagine how worthy we would feel if we realized there are no individuals there is only Infinity
  • Doubt is a luxury none can afford – belief evolves into faith through reflection and faith evolves into knowledge through experience
  • In a zero-sum game, characteristic of a secular society, when everyone is super this equates to no one being super – in a positive-sum game, characteristic of a sacred society, when everyone is Infinite this equates to no one being separate
  • Being an integral part of a family is the greatest adventure – one’s family brings out the best and worst in us
  • One cannot fake being super – journeying within is the most painful pilgrimage for we discover all our lies

i pray to the Artist to inspire every sculpture to understand and appreciate how incredible He/She/we all are…

Reflection Adventure of the Week (RAW): Practice complimenting someone twice before criticizing them once.

And a large number of people have been added to the E-Vichara Family while journeying through Bharat. Informing them and reminding everyone, each link beneath my name leads to different forms of satsanga. i particularly highlight the Ustream link where relevant videos are regularly added.

Finally where am i writing from? In an attempt to be more ‘low-key’ i will not be sharing where i am writing from. Anyone who wants to find me can check my CM Niagara Itinerary and/or my CM West Itinerary

"To a sincere devotee, nothing is impossible." ~ Swami Chinmayananda


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