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Visualize the past time you went to a Mandira (Temple)… you saw the illuminated sign from a distance; drove onto the semi-paved property; parked the car at a distance; walked towards the building; pushed the glass doors open; smelled the combination of incense and flowers and sweets; placed your shoes on the white wooden self; walked onto the soft red carpet; slowly moved towards the sanctum; folded your hands; looked at the icon from the feet to the eyes; studied the prabhavali…prabhavali? What in the world is a prabhavali?

Hence our E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (June 16, 2014) — What is a Prabhavali?

Physically a prabhavali is the arch surrounding an icon of the Creator – a halo is similar to a prabhavali in drawing one’s attention to the peace radiating from the Divine

  • A prabhavali (prabha [glory] + avali [rows]) is in the shape of a ‘circle’ conveying the endless greatness of the Infinite – that which cannot be conveyed cannot be understood and so the Infinite is indicated by ornate carvings (i.e. a conch is the Creator ‘calling’ one to look within, a fire is the Creator ‘encouraging’ one to burn ignorance, etc.)
  • From the perspective of karma (action) the fearsome face at the top of the prabhavali is that of the administrator/deity/god of Time reminding one to go beyond change (the relative) to reach the Changeless (the Absolute) – this symbol also teaches one that karma directed towards pleasures, possessions and powers will be ‘consumed’ by time yet karma yoga (dedicated actions) directed towards Peace will be ‘carried’ with one
  • From the perspective of bhakti (devotion) the beautiful face at the top of the prabhavali is that of a bhakta (disciple) reminding one that Bhagavan (Divine) places a bhakta even higher than Himself/Herself – this symbol also teaches one that to mature from a devotee to a disciple one has to surrender to the truth that the only support is the Divine and not any combination/permutation of articles, beings, circumstances
  • From the perspective of jnana (knowledge) the repulsive face at the top of the prabhavali is that of the ego reminding one how the ego is dependent on God and God is dependent on none – this symbol also teaches that one has to ‘undress’ oneself of all masks, labels, identifications to know thy Self
  • From the perspective of mukti (Freedom) the kirtimukham (kirti [shining] + mukham [face]) at the top of the prabhavali is that of one who is Awakened reminding one that our Nature is Joy – this symbol also teaches that one who has Realized their potential can reveal the same in others

Still afraid of silence? Well did you Engage the Silence? A reminder that there are 3 parts to the workshop Fear: Drop It! available on YouTube. And for those wanting to challenge their fear further…

-Silence: a retreat for 50 CHYKs completely in mauna (Fri Oct 24 – Sun Oct 26 in Niagara)

-Silence: a retreat for 50 Adults completely in mauna and mostly in solitude/isolation (Summer of 2015 in Pittsburgh)

When we think carefully about giving, there are only 3 ways in which one can give: resources, time and effort. And i want to draw your attention to giving and Chinmaya Mission Niagara (CMN)…

Resources – CMN directs $1,000s past their own Ashram to the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (~ $17,500), to Sandeepany Sadhanalaya (~ $10,000), to the Youth Empowerment Program (~ $5,000), and many other important causes.

Time – CMN’s Resident Acharya is serving Centres outside a 3 hour of drive of Niagara over 180 days a year

Efforts – CMN has one of the smallest population bases of all 50 Chinmaya Mission Centres in North America yet actively works to make half of these Centres stronger in their own communities

On August 23 Chinmaya Mission Niagara will be celebrating the 7 year Anniversary of Dhara. For this Celebration we will be inaugurating a prabhavali around Bhagavan Radha-Krishna. And we are inviting individuals/families/classes/centres/organizations to support our resources/time/efforts by sponsoring our prabhavali for $1,008. Already 27 generous donors have come forward from all over North America to help. And we are confident in the next 2 months at least another 13 will. Our dream is to renounce our mortgage by August of 2017…this will only be possible with outside assistance. For those available and able please check out the following link and give by —

Check (please make out and mail to the following address)
Chinmaya Mission Niagara
5743 Valley Way
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Canada, L2E 1X7

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"What we really need is free and what we do not need is really costly." ~ Swami Tejomayananda


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