Namah Te from Orlando!i hope this post finds everyone well…
This morning as i ran by the Tolomato River in St. Augustine i had to stop…beside me were two dolphins calmly surfacing, calmly diving, calmly surfacing, calmly diving…  
In this moment i was moved by gratitude that:
1.  i was not in the North East (hahaha!)
2.  i woke up early in the morning
The morning is different.  We have all heard this.  Yet, we have all ignored this.  Why?  Perhaps we do not know how different the morning is.  Let us end our ignorance by knowing.  Good morning, you have tuned into our E-Vichara…
E-Vichara (February 10, 2014) — What’s the Story Morning Glory?

  • Every facet of the Universe is comprised of the guna-s (qualities) of sattva (calmness), rajas (aggressiveness) and tamas (laziness) – our outer environment can affect our inner environment whereas our inner environment does affect our outer environment
  • We humans are the only beings who have a choice to live following the sun, all other beings live by the sun whether trees or the owls that live in the trees – foolishly our ‘new’ sun is electricity and this is causing humans to live shorter lives (perhaps on account of a disrupted Circadian rhythm), to live sadder lives (perhaps on account of a disrupted family life)
  • The sattvic time of the day is approximately 3.00a – 9.00a when our outer environment is quiet, is fresh and so conducive to a focused, to a hopeful inner environment – during this period of sattva we should engage in all work that is intellectually intensive (i.e. studying, planning, contemplating, etc.)
  • The rajasic time of the day is approximately 9.00a – 9.00p when our outer environment is active, is energized and so conducive to a exerting, to a interacting inner environment – during this period of rajas we should engage in all work that is mentally intensive (i.e. exercising, exchanging, serving, etc.)
  • The tamasic time of the day is approximately 9.00p – 3.00a when our outer environment is slow, is tired and so conducive to a indiscriminate, to a selfish inner environment – during this period of tamas we should engage in all work that is physically intensive (i.e. sleeping, preparing, reading, etc.)
  • When we flow with our metaphysical nature we will flow with our physical nature and when we stop fighting ourselves we will stop fighting others – no one reading these words is a ‘night person’, such a claim is simply justification of a life of inner/outer himsa (violence)
As the manifestation of Bhagavan Shiva approaches i challenge everyone to spend less time in laziness and more time in calmness.  How?  Beginning the day after Mahashivaratri, every month sleep 5 minutes earlier and awake 5 minutes earlier.  In a year, 5 minutes will have created 1 hour.  In a year, calmness will have created contentment…

On Friday, February 14 we opened registration for an adventure into a special subject — Understanding Marriage: The Joy of Change

WHY?  Well…
Do you understand marriage?  Does the person next to you understand marriage?  Is this alright?  Please pause to reflect on the amount of inner and outer damage taking place in the hearts of endless individuals, endless families, endless communities, endless societies by a lack of understanding of this enlightening training in Love.What are we supposed to do?  Join us for a unique weekend retreat (at a unique weekend resort!) filled with discourses, discussions and dialogues with experienced teachers (Acharya Vilasiniji and myself!!) and sincere friends (you!!!) on developing a Vedantic vision to marriage.Our gracious hosts for May 2-4 will be Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh.  And so for this Valentine’s Day instead of giving chocolates or flowers or dinners, give development.  For oneself, register.  For others, spread the word.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” ~