Namah Te from Detroit!

i hope this message finds everyone unconditionally well…

Actually my body is in Pittsburgh yet my mind is still in Detroit. Why? A few nights ago i was fortunate enough to again witness honour come to life…i was fortunate enough again to experience…PEARL JAM! This is perhaps the 11th show in perhaps 6 cities i have adventured to and a unique part of this show was Eddie Vedder sharing that though John Lennon recently celebrated his birthday he left us his present…Peace. And then he sang an acoustic solo of Imaginesong i hope you all synced in to the 10 days of profound Pearl Jam lyrics i shared as RADs leading up to the concert…

P O W E R F U L. This is one, this is the only word to describe the inner and outer environment realized by the 75 devi-s who united from all over North America for DIVYA SHAKTI: Reaching our Potential. And what is the potential of a devi? Why the same as Bhagavan of course! And what is the potential of Bhagavan? Why let us ask the E-Vichara…

E-Vichara (October 6, 2014) — Who is Bhagavan?

  • Aishvarya is traditionally translated as prosperity yet more meaningfully can be understood as joy – outer prosperity is futile if not encouraging of inner prosperity
  • Dharma is traditionally translated as duty yet more meaningfully can be understood as responsibility – following and fulfilling one’s responsibilities is following and fulfilling integration of one’s personality
  • Yasha is traditionally translated as fame yet more meaningfully can be understood as reverence – just as peer pressure can be negative and positive so too fame can be negative and positive hence the confluence of respect and love transforms into reverence with no space for a counter interpretation, with no space for a counter invocation
  • Shriya is traditionally translated as auspicious yet more meaningfully can be understood as virtue – one who is developing even a single virtue, carries all around goodness with them and no one can ask for anything more from another than such goodness
  • Vairagya is traditionally translated as detachment yet more meaningfully can be understood as independence – only when one has nothing to gain does one have nothing to lose hence one grows to be a confidently unconditional giver not a secretly expectant receiver
  • Jnana is traditionally translated as knowledge yet more meaningfully can be understood as wisdom – all of us have read so much, listened so much, discoursed so much yet have not changed so much which is a message to ourselves that we do not know so much

Bhagavan is joyous, Bhagavan is responsible, Bhagavan is revered, Bhagavan is virtuous, Bhagavan is independent, Bhagavan is wise. Actually Bhagavan is Infinite. These words are timid indicators of Bhagavan’s nature so we may invoke the same and be bhagya. The 2015 Devi Retreat will be hosted by Chinmaya Mission Raleigh! From Friday, October 9 to Sunday, October 11 our devi-s will unite to explore – DIVYA SHAKTI: Finding your Balance

Reflection Assignment of the Week (RAW): Write letters (emails do not count!) to all the significant women in your life sharing how they exemplify the nature of Bhagavan.

Want to know the power of the grace of God? In September of 2013 Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh’s Bala Vihar enrollment was 175. In September of 2014 Chinmaya Mission Pittsburgh’s Bala Vihar enrollment was 575. Imagine a moderately sized city with a metro population of only 2,500,000 serving this many families!

We are now invoking God’s grace to build a new Religious Centre with bhakta Hanuman, professional classrooms, nature trails, etc. As soon as this is complete we are going to invoke God’s grace further to build a new Retreat Centre with simple lodging, challenge courses, training modules, etc. My dream is to bring together students, volunteers, executives, etc. to learn to lead themselves, to learn to lead others. i want to create a Chinmaya Leadership Foundation…

Please stay tuned on being part of these special developments by us, for us.

"Mighty mountains may crumble; the limitless ocean may dry up; the earth may get submerged. In this ever-changing world, what is there that is eternal and unborn? Take refuge in that Shiva, the Lord of Parvati." ~ Swami Tapovanam


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