“I can honestly say I’m happier, more peaceful, and stronger than I’ve ever been”
-Suriya Sharma


Thinking back to the beginning of YEP, I honestly don’t remember who I was or how I thought. I feel like my eyes have been opened to a truth staring me in the face the whole tie, heading back into the world, I feel prepared to face any challenge that comes my way and more importantly, prepared to bounce back everytime I fall. I didn’t know the true meaning of empowerment until I came here and felt it. My favorite quote is “A Bird sitting on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking because it’s faith is not in the branch but in it’s own wings.” I feel that faith in my own self now and I feel like I have been given instructions on how to live the best life possible a paved pathway to follow. I’ve gotten to know myself much better and I know how I can improve in every way. Despite seemingly incubated environment, I got countless opportunities to apply my knowledge everyday. I can honestly say that each day I was different from the day before. Leaving YEP I feel like a new and improved version of myself, one equipped to face life and serve those around here, My faith and love for Gurudev and God has grown immensely and I am extremely thankful for this experience and chance to turn myself around and clear up my vision. When I first decided to come, I didn’t really know what to expect. It was absolutely nothing like I thought it would be, but in the best way possible. My understanding about myself and about the world has grown to new depths and I know there is still much more to be known and understood. YEP has truly been an amazing once in a lifetime kind of chance for me to push myself to new limits and find my true potential. I can honestly say I’m happier, more peaceful, and stronger than I’ve ever been and I hope that in the future, to feel that way. YEP gave me incredible camaraderie with my batchmates, without distracting me from but instead enhancing my own improvement and providing a life-long support group for me. This was the perfect institution for me from childhood to adulthood and I’m so grateful to have had this incredible opportunity.

Suriya Sharma attends the University of Pennsylvania and is studying Economics. She is going to be the new co-lead for CORD USA.