I am Reena Patel’s mother, Snehlata Patel and I would like to tell you about why you must consider attending the 2014 Youth Empowerment Program (YEP).

The first time as a family we found out about the YEP was at the Boston Mahasamathi Camp in 2012. Reena saw the ad for the Youth Empowerment Program and started talking about it right away.  Three months later, I found out that she was making inquiries into this program and also asked her employer, Deloitte, for taking a leave from work for 2 months. Unfortunately, her employer did not honor her leave from work and so she had to deal with what her next course of action would be. When she asked me what she should do, I told her she will always have her career, but this once-in-a-lifetime experience could possibly change her life for the better. Once Deloitte found out that Reena was willing to quit her position to go to this program – she was miraculously granted the leave of absence and she set out for Piercy, California not looking back.

I didn’t get to speak to Reena that often while she was at the program, but when I was able to visit her, I was extremely happy to see how well she had adjusted to the grueling schedule. She was beaming inside! After attending the program for a couple of days, it was evident that this was a place where youths were learning the importance of our Vedic knowledge, while being in the mist of the red wood trees where she had thirty other batchmates (and now friends) by her side.

After the course, Reena now does daily puja in the morning, practices japa/meditation, reads the scriptures on a daily basis, she is more focused, and she is making a tremendous impact with the junior CHYKS at our Boston Center. Additionally, she is running the regular CHYK classes once a week, and seems to be heavily involved with Chinmaya Publications. She is always talking about Chinmaya Mission and all the things she hopes to help out with! It seems that she is on a mission for the mission to do great work and help others along the way. As a mother – I couldn’t be happier to see the transformation that Reena has shown after the Youth Empowerment Program.  My sincere thanks to Gurudev and our Acharyas’ for making this glimpse of light possible for her.

If you are a youth and deciding whether taking 60 days out of your life to go to YEP is worth it – just do it! It will alter the way you think and transform you into a positive contributor to society. Register today!