YEP Blog – Shilpam Shah

“Usually, the inspiration from a camp lasts me for a few weeks at the most, but YEP equipped me to remain inspired permanently.”
-Shilpam Shah

YEP was a very insightful experience. I’ve been motivated and […]

YEP Blog – Avanika Khanna

“In this two-month process, my batchmates and I became a family bound together by the unity of self-consciousness freely expressing itself. Now I aspire to apply that unity in my community, a nation, even […]

YEP Blog – Janani Naidu

“When I look back on the last two months, I honestly am at awe when realizing what we have accomplished and how many ways in which each individual has grown.”
-Janani Naidu

Hari Om!

In high […]

YEP Blog – Srinivas Simhan

“Despite the challenges that I know we will all have to face, the world of samsara is no match for knowledge that we have gained, nor our growing commitment to the Mission.”
-Srinivas Simhan

When […]

YEP Blog – Vamsi Reddy

“YEP course was perhaps the greatest decision I have ever made… if you can even call it a decision. Destiny is a better word.”
-Vamsi Reddy

I stand at the bus stop.
11:00… the watch on […]

YEP Blog – Mehana Parikh

“Looking back on these 60 days, I have gained a family, faced my fears, learned to do things that I didn’t enjoy, and most importantly, I have gained a new set of glasses to […]

YEP Blog -Meena Mana

“Over the course of YEP 2014, I have grown physically, intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually, I have become more rooted in the concepts of Sanatana Dharma. Physically, I have challenged myself during yoga and jogging. […]

YEP Blog – Suriya Sharma

“I can honestly say I’m happier, more peaceful, and stronger than I’ve ever been”
-Suriya Sharma

Thinking back to the beginning of YEP, I honestly don’t remember who I was or how I thought. I […]

YEP Blog – Soumiya Muthuraju

“I wouldn’t give up any of the experiences I went through here in the last 2 months for anything in the world. “
-Soumiya Muthuraju

When I first talked to an old Yuvaveer from batch […]

YEP Blog – Ansh Grover

“YEP showed how to become a leader by not succumbing to what is constantly changing around me; but to adapt and flourish amongst the changing by connecting to the forever-unchanging reality.”
-Ansh Grover

Having a […]

YEP Blog – Ankita Janakiraman

“These two months have flown by and the experiences had here have been quite unforgettable and have impacted my life in ways I never expected. My growth has just started…”
-Ankita Janakiraman

Hari Om! […]

YEP Blog – Divya Rao

“I know from the bottom of my heart, that these 2 months were invaluable experiences and I shall never forget them.”
-Divya Rao

I came to YEP thinking it would be an awesome, two month […]

YEP Blog – Pranav Rao

“Coming to YEP has opened my eyes of how I was living my life. I have learned how to be an efficient person, now it is up to me to make the correct changes.”
-Pranav […]

YEP Blog – Ashwin Chandra

“The clarity that I’ve cultivated here leads to a conviction I will have forever.”
-Ashwin Chandra

YEP has been an amazing experience. The knowledge that I’ve learnt here has been game changing. Although all this […]

YEP Blog – Swathi Anantha

“YEP has caught me from the tumultuous waves of life, my guru has placed me on a raft, and the seva activities & sadana will keep me firmly rooted in my pursuit of peace&happiness, living […]

YEP Blog – Rahul Dharmavartha

“It has helped me lift myself out of this confusion and my own personal apathy, and instead has inspired me to be something more, something greater. “
-Rahul Dharmavartha

Coming into YEP, I was a very […]

YEP Blog – Nirav Shah

“In a lifetime, we have a certain amount of years. This course taught me “what” ‘I’ should do with each hour, each day, each year, and my entire life. Along with this, it taught me […]

YEP Blog – Sanjana Manikandan

“YEP has given me much more than what I can articulate in a limited time and space, but it has foremost taught me how to think, and how to maintain an inner sanctuary of peace […]

YEP 2013 Thesis

The treetops rustle and I can hear birds chirping all around me. As I sit in what we’ve all fondly come to call the Krishna Grove, I come to terms with the past two months.

I […]

YEP from a Mother’s Perspective

I am Reena Patel’s mother, Snehlata Patel and I would like to tell you about why you must consider attending the 2014 Youth Empowerment Program (YEP).

The first time as a family we found out about […]

YEP Experience: Batch #1

         In this course, we were not only exposed to many famous texts, but we were also taught various life skills necessary to translate this knowledge into dynamic spirituality in action.  We […]