YEP America Batch 6

Shreyas Subramanian
Shreyas SubramanianUniversity of Texas at Dallas
BS Electrical Engineering, 2023

“YEP made me proud of my religion and taught me how to focus. It made me more interested in reading about my religion and fostered a love for learning Vedanta.”

Shreyas assists with JCHYK and teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Saaket in Dallas.

Sahana Rao
Sahana RaoGoogle
Software Engineer

“I have many takeaways, but the biggest is that I am happier. Not because of situations I am in, but because of the understanding I have gained that happiness lies within me and that I have the ability to not let any situation affect me.”

Sahana teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Mission San Mateo and serves on the CHYK West Website team, Chinmaya Publications Seva team, and the CORD USA team.

Riddhi Andurkar
Riddhi AndurkarUniversity of Missouri
BS Journaling, 2023

“The activities at YEP helped me step out of my comfort zone and pushed me in ways that I would have never pushed myself. It has shown me what I am capable of doing.”

Riddhi is working on CORD USA seva and Chinmaya Publications seva. In addition, she is helping teach the Shishu Vihar group in her local center in Columbia, Missouri.

Prashaanta Singh
Prashaanta SinghThe University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
BS Computer Science, 2020

“I walked with pen and paper everywhere because I would be hit with life lessons anywhere, anytime. Each person had a story to tell and something for me to learn: Swamiji, my admins, batchmates, the people who brought water tanks to my cabin, the Kitchen Ammas!”

Prashaanta is actively helping with fund raising events for Chinmaya Mission Trinidad & Tobago (CMTT) as they work to build a school.

Kish Parikh
Kish ParikhSouthern Methodist University
BS Digital Design, 2022

“I really felt that every day at the camp was meant to be, a perfect remedy for the chaos of my life. Not only did I begin to get my questions finally answered and have more than enough quiet time, but I came away with a deep faith and appreciation for the world around me.”

Kish teaches Balavihar at Saaket in Dallas. He is part of the Regional Junior Chyk Camp (RJCC) planning committee, YEP planning team, and helps with SMU CHYK. He also helps to create banners and other digital media for various CM events.

Sriram Rajagopalan
Sriram RajagopalanUniversity of Texas at Dallas
BS Neuroscience, 2021

“The impact that YEP had on me is indescribable as I grew tremendously from being a part of it. The friendships we formed will always stay with me because they were developed over a two month period when everyone was working on themselves with dedication.”

Sriram teaches Balavihar at Saaket in Dallas and is volunteering with multiple mission events including RJCC.

Shivanan Maraj
Shivanan MarajSacoda Serv Ltd
STEM Teacher

“The tutelage of HH Swami Sarveshananda is incomparable. I have always possessed a yearning to learn and explore Sanatana Dharma and he only strengthened my desire for knowledge of the self.”

Shivanan assists in Chinmaya Mission TT however possible including media and A/V activities for camps and lecture series.

Subha Cherukupalli
Subha CherukupalliTexas A&M
BS Engineering, 2023

“YEP brought me so much closer to my religion and gave me this sense of peace and happiness that I was able to carry forward as I took on my freshman year of college. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

Subha is located in College Station and volunteers with the DFW area virtually. She is on the RJCC planning committee, CHYK Web team, and assisting with YEP 2021.

Dedeepya Chinnam
Dedeepya ChinnamSouthern Methodist University
BS Finance, Statistics, & Economics, 2023

“I was new to the mission and YEP was my first exposure to it. Despite being new, it has given and continues to give me a growing family of amazing humans and a solace of knowledge. It has become the guiding principle in my life.”

Dedeepya is involved with the YEP Batch VII Planning Team, CORD, and RJCC. She also teaches Balavihar for 7th graders.

Varun Pasapula
Varun PasapulaUniversity of Texas at Dallas
BS NeuroScience, 2023

“Attending YEP has given me the tools needed to serve as a pillar of positive influence within Chinmaya Mission as well as throughout my community.”

Varun is assisting with RJCC and other JCHYK initiatives along with serving as a Balavihar Teacher.

YEP America Batch 3

Prachiti Dhamankar
Prachiti Dhamankar

“Even though I graduated from Balavihar, I simply either went for the sake of my parents or just to “learn more about my culture and religion”. Both equally valid reasons (in my head) at the time. With that being said, coming back from YEP I had a stack of books the size of an average desk lamp. I realized how far back this pure Knowledge came from and all of the effort that our Guru Parampara, such as our beloved Gurudev and Acharyas, put in so that I could have this precious opportunity of self-growth. I don’t think I’ve looked at a Chinmaya Publication or any publication for that matter the same ever since. Being in such an intellectually challenging yet stimulating environment is not only uplifting but extremely humbling! PLUS you get to meet some awesome other like-minded people your age. =) Applications are open now, go go gooo!”

Prachiti teaches Balavihar in Dallas and is planning for YEP 2017 team and Chyk newsletter team.

Meghana Bellary
Meghana Bellary

“After graduating from college, jumping into work, I realized I wanted to be more active in Chinmaya Mission to better myself and also to develop self- discipline and structure. Going through the YEP course allowed me to develop that sense of discipline and showing me where my priorities lie. The knowledge you get by doing the YEP course is something that stays with you forever and will continue to support your growth even after the course is over. I have found myself relying strongly on different texts that we’ve studied over the summer and catch myself thinking about how I can apply those principles to my everyday life. Bhajans had to be my favorite part of the day. It’s amazing to see the talent that everyone brings when singing together. They were our daily jam sessions! :)”

Meghana teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Saaket (Dallas, TX) and is on Yuva Rhythms team.

Rakshak Iyengar
Rakshak Iyengar

“Once I graduated from college and started my job hunt, I felt an urgent need to increase my self-confidence while integrating discipline and structure. Attending the YEP course was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The course helped open up our hidden potential. I have started to implement various aspects that are found in our texts that we have covered in order to develop the inner structure. The introduction to likhita japa, journaling, and vedic chanting has helped me find that inner discipline. The workshops have helped me step out of my comfort zone and build that confidence. One of the highlights was the surprise talent show that we put on for Swamiji and Akalkaji. We had various performances from dancing to me performing a Hanuman rap with Rahul as a beatboxer!”

Rakshak teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Saaket (Dallas, TX) and assists with the YEP 2017 and Cam-Tra-Con Planning Committees

Prajna Madhusudhan
Prajna Madhusudhan

“Before I came to YEP, I felt like I was living a life that was already lived for me. Every step I took felt boring or overdone, a progression that is necessary, but not exactly exciting or enlivening. My decision to attend YEP was an effort to improve on my physical and mental discipline, introduce a little more purpose into my life. What I ended up leaving YEP with, however, was so much more. Not only did I gain some of that discipline (or, at least, the inspiration to continue pushing myself to improve on my discipline), but I found myself with a  burning thirst for knowledge and a love for Vedanta. Being around people who had that same love for Vedanta made discussion and learning so much more exciting, something I continue to appreciate now in CHYK study groups after I returned. I am incredibly grateful that this opportunity came to me, grateful to Gurudev for how much I have benefited from His vision, and grateful in advance for the opportunities waiting for me in the future.”

Prajna is a Balavihar teacher at Chinmaya Vrindavan.

Aparna Shankar
Aparna Shankar

“After hearing about the various challenges of YEP (i.e. being “unplugged” from cellphones and laptops for two months, eating saltless khichdi and kadi for every meal for many days straight) from the Yuvaveers of previous batches, I walked into Chinmaya Mangalam at the beginning of June feeling that I was adequately prepared for the experience. However, there’s no doubt that I was quite mistaken. Almost at every turn I found myself being outside my comfort zone in some manner. At first my reaction was to simply complain about it, but after I started to be more open, I was able to push myself both experientially and thought wise beyond the realms of complacency and learn and grow a lot more. Even now, months after YEP, I am reading, reflecting, and practicing what I learned during the summer I spent there. I would encourage others to participate YEP not just as a two month growing and learning experience, but a two month kickstarter to a lifelong journey of growth. Though you may leave the ashram, the ashram never has to leave you!”

Aparna is on the National JCHYK Committee and RPC Planning Committe.

Sneha Joshi
Sneha Joshi

“I came into YEP thinking I knew myself as a person very well, but the experience of spending two months at Chinmaya Mangalam – immersed in Vedanta, seva and sadhana – revealed so much about my nature and innate tendencies, both the positives that we applaud and the negatives that we are often quick to overlook. I’ve found a support network that I know will keep me accountable in pursuing and achieving my goals, and a guru who challenges me in the way that I think. I am extremely grateful for the wealth of knowledge I’ve been exposed to and the clarity that comes with it. YEP has helped me solidify my convictions and stand firm in my beliefs regardless of setting or circumstance. But arguably most importantly, I met some of the coolest, most talented and caring people!”

Sneha teaches Bala Vihar at CM Houston and is involved in CORD USA.

Hemant Ramachandran
Hemant Ramachandran

“Through the various experiences at YEP, I understood the higher purpose of life and what I was seeking. I do not have enough words to describe the gratitude I have for getting to be a part of this great program which truly empowered me. Being at Chinmaya Mangalam for two months was so awesome that I wish we had more time. I grew as a person, and I developed more so much more discipline than I ever had. Everyday was a great adventure, and my batchmates and all the various Acharyas were very amazing. To be part of a spiritual, uplifting environment with like minded people is extremely humbling and inspiring. The morning exercises, lectures, Samsktram classes, vedic chanting classes, workshops, bhajan sessions, Seva duties, and likhita japa sessions are aspects that I will cherish forever because of how much impact they had on me and the way I started to look at life in general. I can use everything I learned to help me in my daily life. Through YEP, I discovered myself and my potential, and it helped me realize just how much I can do in only one day. I developed more love for Chinmaya Mission and the Guru Parampara than I thought I could ever have. You all should apply and go for this transforming, wonderful program!”

Hemant Teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Mission San Jose, RPC team, and assists with the CHYK newsletter.

Jay Parikh
Jay Parikh

“Coming in to YEP, I did not realize how much I would learn not just about our culture but about myself as a person. The 2 months I spent at Chinmaya Mangalam allowed for me to understand how I interact with others and how to keep my discipline through everyday tasks. It set the foundation for my spiritual growth and has jump started my growth as a human being. I will always be grateful for the time I spent learning and performing seva under such great and understanding gurus.”

Jay is on the YEP 2017 planning committee and on the Sattvik Media team.

Parthu Kalva
Parthu Kalva

“As a college student, I had always been gripped by India and Hinduism.  Although one of the few cultures in the world to persist for millenia, Sanatana Dharma remained an uncovered part of my identity for most of my life. I used to be restless and impatient as my parents insisted on visiting temples and while pujas were being conducted. Although I cared about Hindu culture, I felt too separated from it to embody it. At the Youth Empowerment Program that all changed. Not only was I introduced to important Vedantic texts and taught Vedic mantras/pujas, I also drew significance from these traditions towards applying it to my life in the 21st century. Due to my heightened confidence around Hindu topics after YEP, trips to the temple feel like a learning experience, and sitting in on a puja becomes a chance to practice my Vedic chanting skills. One of the most important things I learned at YEP is that Sanatana Dharma is a reformist tradition at heart; the Bhagavad Gita, in its critique of false practices of an ancient era, is evidence of this. True to this heritage, the YEP course provides and fosters the ecology for young American Hindus to reflect, think, inquire, and work towards building the Hinduism of today. Join the movement, and be the change. You won’t regret it!”

Parthu assists with CORDUSA and CHYK Bay Area activities.

Prithvi Thavanampalli
Prithvi Thavanampalli

I was the CHYK at the 2016 YEP Camp who was forced to be there because of his mom. I struggled a lot with the idea of having to spend around two months in one place. I went through the motions every day, I woke up at 5:30 and slept at 11:30 most days, and sometimes I didn’t even remember what had happened that day. Those were the days I regret the most during camp because there were amazing memories, important lessons, and vedantic knowledge I have forgotten because of my mindset of not wanting to be at YEP. The reality of YEP is that even if you aren’t highly religious or spiritual (A.K.A. me), YEP (A.K.A Swami Sarveshananda Ji) will rework on you from the ground up on every level, spiritual or not. Not only did I become extremely proud of my own religion, but one can become more driven, focused at a higher level, and even more understanding and considerate of everything around you. Once I let myself accept my situation and I started to allow YEP to teach me what it had to offer, I learnt to be all these things and more. YEP has helped me guide my decisions in so many different places I never would have thought to have been applicable in the first place. I have met lifetime long friends at YEP, and although I didn’t want to attend YEP in the beginning, I definitely appreciate and value everything it has given me.

Prithvi teaches Balvihar at Chinmaya Vatika in Austin, Texas, assist with Yuva Rhythms, CORD USA, and CTC Camp Planning.

Shachi Hegde
Shachi Hegde

Almost every moment of my life for 13 years had been centered around Chinmaya Mission, whether it be the friends I made, the classes I took, or the weekend hangouts I had. But by the end of my senior year I felt as if my learning had stagnated, to a point that I didn’t feel as inspired the spiritual practices that I had spent years learning about. It seemed like doing the YEP course was the next logical step in my spiritual journey, but the actual impact the course had on me was more profound than I expected. I’ve always had a hard time listening to satsangs and being able to understand the meaning behind the vedanta, but through the course I learned not only to obtain that focus but also to find a love for learning vedanta. The course made me face a lot of my inner demons that I didn’t realize I needed to combat, and helped me figure out which of my flaws I know are the most important to work on so that I can reach my full potential. Knowing that the Acharyas are a support system to help you grow makes you more motivated to be that person that you’ve always strived to be. While we didn’t go to the course to make friends, the connections we made with our fellow course mates created a family for the ages. To be the change we wish to see in the world, we first have to make a change in ourselves; that is the change that YEP can give anyone willing to take that step. (:

Shachi assists with National Seva Project & JCHYK, and Teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Saaket

Tarjani Shukla

“During my first day at YEP, I went through a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings. We had just gotten to learning our first mantra in Vedic chanting, and I was asked to just say it in front of the batch. I messed on every other word, the book was literally shaking in my hand, and my embarrassment was radiating all over Chinmaya Mangalam. Later that day, I remember going into my room alone and thinking, “What have I gotten myself into? What am I supposed to do here for two whole months?” I was petrified of this new challenging environment. Before YEP I was always the type of person who never really did anything I wasn’t good at. Being in an environment where I was forced to overcome a challenge, big or small, every single day helped me build that much more character, confidence, and inner strength. By the third week of YEP, Vedic chanting became something that I looked forward to doing everyday and by the last three weeks, I found myself practicing and doing Vedic chanting whenever I got a chance during our breaks. Without going through this course, I would have never found the courage in myself to grow and truly step out of my comfort zone. They say that the best way to learn from the guru is to live with the guru, and YEP was essentially just that. To be living and learning from such wise and wonderful acharyas, despite how ruthless they can get while playing sports, was an amazing experience and blessing. Now that it’s over, I not only have this newfound confidence and love of learning new things but also a close knit community of people I can rely on and acharyas that are willing to guide me along my spiritual journey!”

Tarjani teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Saaket and assists with National Junior CHYK Camp and Yuva Rhythms.

Nishad Mysore
Nishad Mysore

For the longest time I lived thinking I was what every other 2nd, 3rd generation indian kind was supposed to be while living in this country. I said I was Hindu to others and really had no idea what that meant. I went to poojas and various Hindu events but it was so mechanical without any true knowledge of the meaning behind it. What really stuck out to me and wanted to make me attend YEP was the philosophy of Vedanta and how I could change myself internally and be better everyday than I was the day before. Along the way I learned the significance of the many things we do as Hindus such as poojas and how to incorporate that into our lives and foster self development and growth in myself and become a true supporter of my community. Finding joy and purpose to what we do everyday can be a hard thing to accomplish but after the YEP  course I found that it’s not about what we do it is about how we do it. To anyone considering attending the YEP course, I would say be courageous and have the conviction to face your life and take the plunge It is 2 months of life training that can take you wherever you set your mind to after.

Nishad is on the JCHYK Seva team, teaches Balavihar and helps with Dallas CHYK activities.

Deepikaa Sriram
Deepikaa Sriram

YEP was easily the most positive and influential experience of my life. Being in an environment where everyone is striving for their own goals together really allowed me to get perspective and direction in my life. YEP also helped me strengthen the passion I had towards music. Bhakti was always something I had lacked, but YEP helped me rediscover that by learning beautiful texts like Upadesha Sara and through singing. My favorite part of the YEP experience was probably the NJCC Camp. Seeing all the YEPsters come together and create innovative ways to teach what we had learned was an amazing way to help us deepen and internalize the knowledge we had gained.

Deepikaa is teaching at the Chicago center Balavihar, helping with the National jCHYK outreach, and will be assisting in the creation of the new Yuva Rhythms album!

Roshni Dhoot
Roshni Dhoot

“I came to YEP looking a quick dose of calmness and rejuvenation before starting medical school. Instead, YEP shook up what I thought was true and invoked in me a lifelong desire to learn more about our scriptures and myself. I am amazed by the depth of Vedanta and the accessibility to Vedanta we are blessed with through Chinmaya Mission– to our scriptures, acharyas, and self-discovery.”

Roshni is on the CORD USA seva team.

Samarth Srinivasan
Samarth Srinivasan

“Going into YEP, I didn’t know what to expect. A few of my friends had attended the course and suggested that I go as well, but for a long time, I resisted and didn’t think it was for me. However, I finally came to a point in my life where I realized I needed to go through the course. I wasn’t happy with the way I was leading my life, and I knew the level of discipline I had then wouldn’t get me through graduate school. Still, I don’t think I was prepared for what was to come. I remember referring to YEP as a “boot camp” on the first day, something I deeply regret saying now. YEP was nothing like that. It was an experience that helped show me what I am truly capable of if I apply myself in the correct ways. The various experiences constantly challenged me and I could overcome longstanding insecurities. YEP was also a place where I learned about my religion and culture; questions I have had for years about different Vedantic concepts were finally answered, and I became a more knowledgeable Hindu. And finally, YEP allowed me to meet various people, from acharyas to volunteers to friends, whose company I will cherish for years to come. I was able to interact with like-minded individuals who, although took many different routes to arrive at Chinmaya Mangalam, all had similar goals and the drive to better themselves. In essence, the course helped me discover the ideal way to live life and equipped me with the tools I need so that I can succeed in achieving my goals. Going in, I didn’t know what to expect, but coming out of YEP, my only regret is that I couldn’t stay longer and make more use of the precious time I had there.”

Samarth is on the Yuva Rhythms production team.

Dhruv Patel
Dhruv Patel

“For most of my life, I have had a problem with questioning and second guessing myself.  Going into YEP, I was constantly telling myself that I was not qualified to be there, but being in such a positive environment with so many supportive people helped me face my insecurities and focus on learning.  By the third week of YEP, I once again began to question my motives for attending YEP and fell into a slump.  It was then that I realized the importance of talking to and connecting with others on a deeper level.  Although I have come out a greater mess than when I entered, YEP has equipped me with the necessary mindset and materials to conquer my demons and build myself up stronger than before.  Thanks to YEP, I know that I will always have a group of friends who I can turn to when I am faced with any problem no matter how crazy it is.”

Dhruv assists with Sattvik Media, National Seva Project team, and teaches Balavihar at Chinmaya Vatika in Austin

Kajal Mehta
Kajal Mehta

“Being at Chinmaya Mangalam for YEP this past summer has been one of the most special experiences of my life. In transitioning into adulthood, it is nearly impossible to find a space and time that allows for this level of spiritual study, seva, immense personal growth, and most importantly the opportunity to just be. Through the satsangs, Swamiji’s guidance, and working on projects with the group, we had the chance to gain a deeper understanding of Vedanta and its application to our current situations. This experience was practically very helpful- with a hectic professional life, it has become much easier to work efficiently and effectively through uncomfortable situations like overnight shifts, or working with difficult team members. Furthermore, going through the YEP course has given me a personal sense of grounding that has allowed for more courage and self-confidence than ever before. It’s amazing to be a part of an incredibly talented group of people from diverse backgrounds and mindsets, all working to be the best version of themselves and dedicating themselves to a higher cause.”

Kajal is on the CORD USA team and Regional Planning Conference team.

Rahul Puppala
Rahul Puppala

“YEP provided a truly amazing environment in which I learned more about myself than I’ve ever thought I would know. My experiences there have given me the courage and mindset to face every moment in life.”

Rahul assits with YEP 2017 and Yuva Rhythms.

Arjun Venkataraman
Arjun Venkataraman

“YEP taught me how to be confident in myself and to realize my true value comes from within myself. “

Arjun is on the Camp Training Conference 2017 planning team.

Vaishnavi Ramachar
Vaishnavi Ramachar

“When I started YEP I just graduated from high school. YEP told me lots of things about myself that even I didn’t know. I also learned lots of things from YEP that changed my whole mindset of how I look at things.”

Vaishnavi assits with YEP 2017 and Yuva Rhythms.

YEP America Batch 2

Sanjana Manikandan
Sanjana ManikandanGraduate - Rutgers University
Double Major in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and Psychology, 2015

“YEP has given me much more than what I can articulate in a limited time and space, but it has foremost taught me how to think, and how to maintain an inner sanctuary of peace through the chaos of our daily lives.”

Sanjana is the head of Central New Jersey CHYK group as well as a Balavihar Teacher. She is also involved in planning YEP 2016, Cam-tra-con and Regional Planning Conferences.

Srinivas Simhan
Srinivas SimhanUniversity of Michigan
BA Computer Science, 2018

“Despite the challenges that I know we will all have to face, the world of samsara is no match for knowledge that we have gained, nor our growing commitment to the Mission.”

Srinivas has been actively involved in Chinmaya Mission Ann Arbor. He is also involved on the web site team.

Nirav Shah
Nirav ShahUniversity of Maryland
BA Computer Science, 2018

“In a lifetime, we have a certain amount of years. This course taught me “what” ‘I’ should do with each hour, each day, each year, and my entire life. Along with this, it taught me “how” to do it.”

Nirav is currently running a CHYK study group at UMBC and is also on the website team.

Rahul Dharmavartha
Rahul DharmavarthaStudent - University of Maryland, 2018

“It has helped me lift myself out of this confusion and my own personal apathy, and instead has inspired me to be something more, something greater.”

Rahul co-lead the 2014-15 University Tours.

Swathi Ananta
Swathi Ananta

“YEP has caught me from the tumultuous waves of life, my guru has placed me on a raft, and the seva activities & sadana will keep me firmly rooted in my pursuit of peace & happiness, living every day to the fullest.”

Swathi led the production of “Gurudev – The Musical”. She also taught balavihar and led seva activities at Chinmaya Mission Dallas.

Divya Rao
Divya RaoRutgers University
BA Marine Biology & Mathematics, 2016

“I know from the bottom of my heart, that these 2 months were invaluable experiences and I shall never forget them.”

Divya is co-leading the Jyoti Yatra.

Shilpam Shah
Shilpam ShahSoftware Developer - Banyan Botanicals
University of Texas at Austin - 2009

“I learned to be more fearless, to use my time effectively, and how to continue to learn and grow.”

Shilpam co-leads the website team.

Avanika Khanna
Avanika KhannaBA Biology and Public Health Minor
Washington University in Saint Louis - 2015

“In this two-month process, my batchmates and I became a family bound together by the unity of self-consciousness freely expressing itself. Now I aspire to apply that unity in my community, a nation, even the world.”

Avanika teaches balavihar at Chinmaya Mission Dallas.

Ashwin Chandra
Ashwin ChandraMedical Student
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine - Ft. Worth

“The clarity that I’ve cultivated here leads to a conviction I will have forever.”

Ashwin served full time for one year at Chinmaya International Foundation in India from 2014-2015 before joining TCOM.

Pranav Rao
Pranav RaoEconomics Student
University of Maryland

“Coming to YEP has opened my eyes of how I was living my life. I have learned how to be an efficient person, now it is up to me to make the correct changes.”

Pranav co-leads the J-CHYK outreach and National Junior CHYK Camp teams and is involved in planning YEP 2016.

Ankita Janakiraman
Ankita JanakiramanBS Behavioral Neuroscience
Northeastern University - 2015

“These two months have flown by and the experiences had here have been quite unforgettable and have impacted my life in ways I never expected. My growth has just started…”

Ankita co-leads the YEP 2016 planning.

Ansh Grover
Ansh GroverStudent - Masters of Public Health
University of Miami

“YEP showed how to become a leader by not succumbing to what is constantly changing around me; but to adapt and flourish amongst the changing by connecting to the forever-unchanging reality.”

Ansh co-lead Cam-Tra-Con 2014 planning.

Soumiya Muthuraju
Soumiya MuthurajuDietics Student - Lamar University

“I wouldn’t give up any of the experiences I went through here in the last 2 months for anything in the world.”

Soumiya is serving on the CHYK CORD USA team.

Suriya Sharma
Suriya SharmaStudent - Economics
University of Pennsylvania - 2018

“I can honestly say I’m happier, more peaceful, and stronger than I’ve ever been.”

Suriya co-leads CHYK CORD USA and organized the CORD Sri Lanka trip. Suriya also teaches balavihar.

Meena Mana
Meena ManaStudent - Computer Science
University of Arkansas - 2017

“Over the course of YEP 2014, I have grown physically, intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually, I have become more rooted in the concepts of Sanatana Dharma. Physically, I have challenged myself during yoga and jogging. Spiritually, I have used three techniques (japa, likhita japa and journalling) to establish a platform of peace within.”

Meena has an active role in National Seva Project, specifically, the initiative P.O. Box Gurudev. Meena also teaches balavihar.

Raj Cheruvu
Raj Cheruvu

“YEP has helped me realize what I need to be happy. The schedule was filled with reflection exercises that helped dig the inner dirt out. We were told of how different mental patterns arise, and how we can work to remove the unwanted patterns.”

Raj co-leads the National Seva Project.

Mehana Parikh
Mehana ParikhStudent - Social Work
University of Texas at Austin - 2018

“Looking back on these 60 days, I have gained a family, faced my fears, learned to do things that I didn’t enjoy, and most importantly, I have gained a new set of glasses to view the world around me.”

Mehana co-leads J-CHYK Outreach and organized the National Junior CHYK Camp in 2015. Mehana also teaches balavihar.

Vamsi Reddy
Vamsi ReddyMedical Student
Georgia Regents University

“YEP course was perhaps the greatest decision I have ever made… if you can even call it a decision. Destiny is a better word.”

Vamsi serves as the Chief Editor for all CHYK West media.

Janani Naidu
Janani NaiduMA Physiology
Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine

“When I look back on the last two months, I honestly am at awe when realizing what we have accomplished and how many ways in which each individual has grown.”

Janani co-lead the Cam Tra Con 2014 planning team.

YEP America Batch 1

Sridhar Karra
Sridhar KarraUniversity of Texas at Dallas
BA Economics, 2015

“I joined YEP because I wanted to understand myself and solidify my faith. After the two month program, I was able to look at myself objectively in order to improve.”

Sridhar now teaches a high school class in Balavihar every week and is currently spearheading national Junior CHYK initiatives.

Ambika Cheruvu
Ambika CheruvuManaging Partner, GS Dallas Group
University of Texas at Austin, MBA Candidate

“YEP ignited a spark for learning and knowledge which is constantly growing inside of me. I got the chance to study what I love, Vedanta.”

Ambika currently teaches Balavihar, has lead several camps, lock-ins, and workshops for children, and is spearheading a YEP Batch One America publication on Bhaja Govindam. Ambika is also a part of YEP 2016 planning.

Anuja Ganpule
Anuja GanpuleStudent - MFA in Filmmaking
New York Film Academy - Los Angeles, 2017

“YEP helped my grow in unexpected ways. It gave me confidence in myself. Through YEP, I learned that a true devotee fears nothing because God is with her always.”

Anuja is on the CORD USA team, and has composed music for the “Gurudev Musical”, which came out in 2014!

Padmavathy Mana
Padmavathy ManaMA Candidate
University of Texas at Dallas

“YEP has completely changed my mindset and perceptions of life. It has given me the techniques and tools with which to grow in a postive way.”

Padmavathy currently teaches Balavihar and coordinates national CHYK-CORD USA projects.

Reena Patel
Reena PatelLeadership Development, Deloitte
Boston, MA

“YEP has provided me with the tools necessary to be a persuasive teacher and member of our Hindu community. It has ultimately given me the knowledge of why we are here and what our purpose is.”

Reena currently teaches Balavihar, is the Boston CHYK coordinator, and leads the National Seva Project initiatives for CHYK West.

Ved Chitale
Ved ChitaleLaw Student
University of Houston

“Great foundation laid for my continuous learning of our great scriptures at YEP 2013.”

Ved currently serves as the CHYK coordinator in Houston and is on the National Seva Project Team.

Vivek Rambarran
Vivek RambarranUniversity of West Indies
BS Sociology

“YEP helped me to become more inspired and organized with everything I do.”

Vivek currently teaches Balavihar, conducts CHYK workshops, is helping to organize the CM West Mahasamadhi Camp 2014, and help coordinate fundraisers for his ashram in Trinidad.

Achinth Murali
Achinth MuraliNew York University
London, England
Graduated High School from Minneapolis, MN

“YEP will give you the confidence, motivation, and courage needed to face life in a new way.”

Achinth serves with Chinmaya Mission in the UK.

Hemanth Panditi
Hemanth PanditiHigh School Senior
Detroit, MI

“At YEP, I found philosophy that satisfied my inner hunger.”

Hemanth currently student-teaches Balavihar and helps coordinate CORD initiatives.

Shubhum Sidhar
Shubhum SidharBiology Major, Minors in both Music and the Environment
University of Michigan

“YEP helped me realize the amount of knowledge we have yet to learn and apply!”

Shubhum leads a CHYK study group and serves on the CHYK website team. He also coordinated CORD activites at his local center.

Arvin Wali
Arvin WaliMedical Student
University of California, San Diego

“YEP is a fun chance to learn more about Vedic tradition and the teachings of Self Realization.”

Arvin is a CHYK coordinator and serves with the National Seva Project.

Anchit Menawat
Anchit MenawatHuman Biology
Michigan State University

“After YEP, I feel so much more equipped to deal with whatever life throws at me.”

Anchit currently works on the composition team of Yuva Rhythms 3.

Priya Nalini Wiersba
Priya Nalini WiersbaAdministrative Assistant
University of Michigan

“I learned to leave behind the emotions and distractions from my interactions with the world. We are more than we think we are.”

Priya is a CHYK coordinator at her Mission center in Ann Arbor and is serving with the National Seva Project.

Rupal Jethwa
Rupal JethwaArt Education
Texas State University

“YEP has allowed me to see the best I can be. I constantly strive to be that person now.”

Rupal serves with CORD USA and is contributing her artwork and skills for the YEP Batch One America publication on Bhaja Govindam.

Arista Jhanjee
Arista JhanjeeHigh School Senior
Minneapolis, MN

“YEP helped me see that self-improvement is an urgent and achievable objective. I do have the power to change if I pursue it consistently and believe in it relentlessly.”

Arista teaches Balavihar, serves with CORD USA, and wrote the script for a video on Pujya Gurudev’s impact.

Miral Atara
Miral AtaraMerchandiser for Debenhams
London, UK

“EVERY moment is an opportunity to learn, serve, and grow. My greatest “responsibility” is to gain accessibility over my mind, and all that I need to do that was gained at YEP.”

Miral serves full time at Chinmaya Vibhooti in Pune, India, where she works alongside the Swagat team, and helps with CHYK West and CHYK UK projects.

Shivam Khanna
Shivam KhannaSouthern Methodist University, Dallas, TX
Finance/Economics (2016)

“YEP was the medium with which to transform my life. I gained discipline and perspective.”

Shivam teaches Balavihar and serves with the YEP 2016 planning committee.

Ramesh Cheruvu
Ramesh CheruvuPharmacist, El Dorado Pharmacy
Richardson, TX

“YEP provides direction, discipline, and clarity on the goal of life and the pathway to achieve it. This is done through intensive textual study and satsang with Acharyas.”

Ramesh is a Balavihar session coordinator and CHYK group coordinator. He is also on the YEP planning team and the Mahasamadhi Camp planning team for 2016.

Devesh Vashishta
Devesh VashishtaMedical Student
University of California, San Diego

“The pursuit of joy requires extensive introspection and selfless action dedicated to a higher cause.”

Devesh serves with CORD USA and is helping with the writing of the “Gurudev Musical”, coming out in 2014.

Devaki Dave
Devaki DaveUniversity of Texas at Austin

“YEP has provided me with invaluable tools to succeed from the most basic things like making the best use of my time to more complex things like finding out who I am.”

Devaki serves as a CHYK coordinator and is helping with the YEP Batch One America publication on Bhaja Govindam.

Madhav Khurana
Madhav KhuranaCanadian Mental Health Association
Ontario, Canada

“Don’t doubt this knowledge, it can transform your life.”

Madhav teaches Balavihar and serves with the National Seva Project.

Manoj Seeram
Manoj SeeramUniversity of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
BS Chemical Engineering, 2016

“The reason we have weaknesses or face problems is because we get over-attached to factors and take them to be purposes.”

Manoj teaches Balavihar, leads two CHYK study groups, coordinated Cam-Tra-Con 2013, and is helping to organize and plan YEP 2014.

Akil Rajaratnam
Akil RajaratnamUniversity of California, San Diego, CA
BS Psychology (2014)

“YEP is a good opportunity to understand oneself more fully and give a clearer direction for what one wants to do in the future.”

Akil teaches Balavihar, coordinates CHYK study groups, and organizes University Tours by Acharyas across CHYK West.

Jayashree Rajagopalan
Jayashree RajagopalanCo-Founder, Tutor King
Dallas, Texas

“YEP was an opportunity for me to grow as a person.”

Jayashree teaches Balavihar, is a Dallas CHYK coordinator, and is co-leading coordination for YEP 2014.

Ajay Ravichandran
Ajay RavichandranBS Biochemistry, Music Minor
Washington D.C

“The journey since YEP America has been constant cultivation of strength to lift the rest of myself to my Self.”

Ajay currently teaches Balavihar, coordinates the University Tours of Swami Sarveshananda, and will serve as an administrator at YEP 2014.

Archana Verma
Archana VermaDallas, TX

“YEP is so life changing and so very rewarding.”

Archana teaches Balavihar and serves with CORD USA.

Swarna Sunkara
Swarna SunkaraUniversity of Texas, Dallas, TX
BS Biology (2014)

“Disciplining one’s mind on a regular basis leads to inner happiness.”

Swarna teaches Balavihar and serves with CORD USA.

Bani Maini
Bani MainiAccountant
Dallas, TX

“Living with the Guru provides support that one can only dream of. Living with peers of similar backgrounds and lifestyles is great for insight, compassionate satsang, truthful advice, and easy-going friendships.”

Bani teaches Balavihar, is a CHYK coordinator, and serves with the Bhutanese Refugee Empowerment Program through CORD USA.