Yuva Rhythms is…

…an ongoing musical project produced by CHYK West that strives to convey the messages of ancient stotras, bhajans, and sacred texts in a diverse contemporary way, and provides an avenue for the musically inclined youth of Chinmaya Mission to develop their talents as an offering to the higher. Entirely organized and produced by CHYKs, under the guidance of Swami Sarveshananda, it began in 2012 with the eponymously titled album Yuva Rhythms and has since produced Yuva Rhythms: Gurudev the Musical (2015) and Yuva Rhythms: Gam Gam Ganapathi (2016).

Yuva Rhythms is embarking on it’s fourth album – and we want you to be a part of it!

Auditions are now closed. Thank you for participating!

If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].

Yuva Rhythms: Gam Gam Ganapathi

The third album in the Yuva Rhythms series explores Lord Ganesha through a myriad of musical styles, ranging from Indian classical to jazz, from art rock to folk, and all sorts in between. You’ll find ancient sanskrit stotras, compositions by the likes of Saint Tukaram and Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar, and original lyrics by the artists on this album, singing and playing their way into the hearts and minds of listeners.

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Track Listing:
1. Gananam Tva (गणानां त्वा)
Swami Sarveshananda, Krishna Bhamidipati, Subu Narayanan

2. Swagatham (स्वागतम्)
Pallavi Muluk, Krithika Rajkumar

3. Nachat Aale Ganapathi (नाचत आले गणपती)
Subu Narayanan, Gauri Niwargi

4. Vinayaka Ashtottarashata Namavali (विनायक अष्टोत्तरशतनामावली)
Soumya Manikonda, Aashrita Manjunath, Krithika Rajkumar, Vani Ravichandran

5. Sri Maha Ganapathi (श्रीमहागणपति)
Subu Narayanan, Pranav Pannala

6. Ganesha Dvadasha Namani (गणेश द्वादशनामानि)
Varsha Appaji, Nila Bala, Pallavi Muluk

7. Lambodhara (लम्बोदर)
Krishna Bhamidipati, Sanchit Malhotra

8. Prabho Ganapathe (प्रभो गणपते)
Nila Bala, Pallavi Muluk, Vani Ravichandran

9. Dashakshara Mantra Stotram (दशाक्षरमन्त्रस्तोत्रम्)
Sanchit Malhotra, Aashrita Manjunath, Anchit Menawat, Vani Ravichandran, Samarth Srinivasan

10. Ganesha Mantra Stotram (गणेश मंत्र स्तोत्रम्)
Sanchit Malhotra, Anchit Menawat, Samarth Srinivasan

11. Ajam Nirvikalpam (अजं निर्विकल्पम्)
Sanchit Malhotra, Soumya Manikonda, Aashrita Manjunath, Anchit Menawat, Subu Narayanan, Pranav Pannala, Krithika Rajkumar, Vani Ravichandran, Samarth Srinivasan

Credits & Composers’ Notes

Gananam Tva (गणानां त्वा)

Voices: Swami Sarveshananda, Krishna Bhamidipati, Subu Narayanan
Language: Sanskrit
Description: In this traditional Vedic mantra from the Rig Veda, we invoke Ganesha as a beginning to this musical offering.

Swagatham (स्वागतम्)

Lyrics (Sanskrit) and Composition: Subu Narayanan
Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra
Performed by: Pallavi Muluk, Krithika Rajkumar
Instruments: Vishnupriya Krishnan (violin), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar, keyboard)
Description: I’ve not seen Ganesha. I’ve not seen Vishnu. I’ve not seen Shiva nor Durga, Lakshmi or Saraswati. But I have seen you, oh Guru. Seeing the Lord in our Guru and our Guru in the Lord, this song is composed using select names from Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s Ashtottarashata Namavali.

Nachat Aale Ganapathi (नाचत आले गणपती)

Lyrics (Marathi): Saint Tukaram
Composition: Bhagavata Shiromani Sri Mohan Rao Pai
Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra
Performed by: Subu Narayanan, Gauri Niwargi
Instruments: Vishnupriya Krishnan (violin), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar)
Description: Hearing the welcoming cries of the devotee in the previous song, the Lord comes dancing into our hearts. In this abhang, Saint Tukaram boldly declares that Vitthal and Ganapathi are one and the same! Incorporating folk and country elements from India to Africa, this song strives to create that very joy: the joy in oneness, of seeing the one thread connecting all the pearls of names and forms.

Vinayaka Ashtottarashata Namavali (विनायक अष्टोत्तरशतनामावली)

Composition: Subu Narayanan
Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra, Samarth Srinivasan
Performed by: Soumya Manikonda, Aashrita Manjunath, Krithika Rajkumar, Vani Ravichandran
Instruments: Saagar Raavi (dhol, tabla)
Language: Sanskrit
Description: A namavali composed in four ragas and performed by four singers. Offered as a garland for daily archana and puja, these 108 names span the myriad emotions of a devotee calling to the Lord: from joy to yearning to finally liberation.

Sri Maha Ganapathi (श्रीमहागणपति)

Lyrics (Sanskrit) and Composition: Saint Muthuswami Dikshithar
Arrangement: Anchit Menawat, Subu Narayanan, Samarth Srinivasan
Performed by: Subu Narayanan, Pranav Pannala
Instruments: Jay Appaji (mridangam), Neeraj Chandrashekar (Carnatic violin), Rakesh Kadamati (saxophone), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar), Saagar Raavi (beatbox, dhol)
Description: This is our depection of a famous Carnatic classical song composed by Sri Muthuswami Dikshithar in Raga Goulai. Featuring a wide array of percussion such as mridangam, dhol, synth percussion, drum kits, and beatboxing, rounded out with other synth instruments and guitar, this song pushes musical boundaries while keeping the original roots intact.

Ganesha Dvadasha Namani (गणेश द्वादशनामानि)

Composition and Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra
Performed by: Varsha Appaji, Nila Bala, Pallavi Muluk
Instruments: Vishnupriya Krishnan (violin)
Language: Sanskrit
Description: These shlokas depict the twelve names of Ganesha. Beginning in a quiet and meditative mood, this composition takes the listener on the journey of a seeker, slowly unfolding into the expanse and infinitude of the Lord.

Lambodhara (लम्बोदर)

Lyrics (Sanskrit): Krishna Bhamidipati, Kavitha Srinivasan
Composition and Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra
Performed by: Krishna Bhamidipati, Sanchit Malhotra
Instruments: Sanchit Malhotra (guitar), Saagar Raavi (tabla)
Description: A Hindustani classical, psychedelic rock composition based in Raga Nayaki Kanada. With verses crying out to subtler and subtler shades, this composition is offered to invoke the true hero, or nayak, himself, Lord Ganesha.

Prabho Ganapathe (प्रभो गणपते)

Lyrics (Tamil): Saint Agastya
Composition and Arrangement: Samarth Srinivasan
Performed by: Nila Bala, Pallavi Muluk, Vani Ravichandran
Instruments: Jay Appaji (mridangam), Shilpa Kudva (flute), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar), Rahul Puppala (drumset), Samarth Srinivasan (keyboard)
Description: The fusing of worlds, a meeting of minds. Basd on a traditional tune sung in temples and households for generations in India, this blues composition features three singers whose harmonizing and interwoven voices are accompanied by both western and Carnatic instruments. The result is a unique piece, striving to keep devotion at its center while implementing contemporary musical elements.

Dashakshara Mantra Stotram (दशाक्षरमन्त्रस्तोत्रम्)

Composition: Anchit Menawat, Subu Narayanan
Arrangement: Anchit Menawat, Samarth Srinivasan
Performed by: Sanchit Malhotra, Aashrita Manjunath, Anchit Menawat, Vani Ravichandran, Samarth Srinivasan
Instruments: Vishnupriya Krishnan (violin), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar), Anchit Menawat (keyboard), Saagar Raavi (kanjira, tabla)
Language: Sanskrit
Description: This composition aspires to make an ancient stotram accesible to newer generations by setting it to an easygoing tune, hoping to hum its way into the hearts of listeners again and again.

Ganesha Mantra Stotram (गणेश मंत्र स्तोत्रम्)

Composition and Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra
Performed by: Sanchit Malhotra, Anchit Menawat, Samarth Srinivasan
Instruments: Vishnupriya Krishnan (violin), Shilpa Kudva (flute), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar, keyboard), Saagar Raavi (tabla)
Language: Sanskrit
Description: What greater joy is there than singing the name of the Lord? Through this uplifting acoustic guitar-based composition, we bring to life another rarely heard stotram on Lord Ganesha.

Ajam Nirvikalpam (अजं निर्विकल्पम्)

Lyrics (Sanskrit): Shri Adi Shankaracharya
Composition and Arrangement: Sanchit Malhotra
Performed by: Sanchit Malhotra, Soumya Manikonda, Aashrita Manjunath, Anchit Menawat, Subu Narayanan, Pranav Pannala, Krithika Rajkumar, Vani Ravichandran, Samarth Srinivasan
Instruments: Vishnupriya Krishnan (violin), Shilpa Kudva (flute), Sanchit Malhotra (guitar)
Description: Unequivocally diving into the deepest depths of Vedanta, Ganesha is expounded in this climactic tour de force as the formless, nameless reality by the very champion of Advaita, Shri Adi Shankaracharya.

Gananam Tva (गणानां त्वा)

Devanagari Sanskrit
ॐ ग॒णानां त्वा ग॒णप॑तिग्ं हवामहे क॒विं क॑वी॒नामु॑प॒मश्र॑वस्तमम्।
ज्ये॒ष्ठ॒राजं॒ ब्रह्म॑णां ब्रह्मणस्पत॒ आ नः॑ सृ॒ण्वन्नू॒तिभि॑स्सीद॒ साद॑नम्॥
ॐ श्री महागणपतये॒ नमः॑॥

Romanized Sanskrit
oṁ ga̱ṇānāṁ̎ tvā ga̱ṇapa̍tigṁ havāmahe ka̱viṁ ka̍vī̱nāmu̍pa̱maśra̍vastamam |
jye̱ṣṭha̱rājaṁ̱ brahma̍ṇāṁ brahmaṇaspata̱ ā naḥ̍ sṛ̱ṇvannū̱tibhi̍ssīda̱ sāda̍nam ||
oṁ śrī mahāgaṇapataye̱ namaḥ̍ ||

Swagatham (स्वागतम्)

Devanagari Sanskrit
स्वागतम् गणपते स्वागतम्
उदारहृदयाय जितेंद्रियाय तेजस्विने स्वागतम्
जनप्रियाय धीमते धैर्यप्रदाय स्वागतम्

प्रसन्नात्मने बहुभक्ताय मनोहराय स्वागतम्
विनयशीलाय शांताय शांतिप्रदाय स्वागतम्

ॐ यतात्मने स्वागतम्
ज्ञानमूर्तये स्वागतम्
ॐ गुरवे स्वागतम्

Romanized Sanskrit
svāgatam gaṇapate svāgatam
udārahṛdayāya jitendriyāya tejasvine svāgatam
janapriyāya dhīmate dhairyapradāya svāgatam

prasannātmane bahubhaktāya manoharāya svāgatam
vinayaśīlāya śāntāya śāntipradāya svāgatam

oṁ yatātmane svāgatam
jñānamūrtaye svāgatam
oṁ gurave svāgatam

Nachat Aale Ganapathi (नाचत आले गणपती)

Devanagari Marathi
लवकर ये‍ई गणराया सकळांसी भेटी द्याया
नाचत नाचत आले गणपती पायी घागुऱ्या वाजती

अंगी शेंदुराची उटी माथा शोभतसे किरीटी
केशर कस्तुरी लल्लाटी हाती मोदकांची वाटी

तुका म्हणे पाही पाही विट्ठल गणपती दुजा नाही

Romanized Marathi
lavakar yeī gaṇarāyā sakaḻāṁsī bheṭī dyāyā
nācat nācat āle gaṇapatī pāyī ghāgur̆yā vājatī

aṅgī śendurācī uṭī māthā śobhatase kirīṭī
keśar kasturī lallāṭī hātī modakāñcī vāṭī

tukā mhaṇe pāhī pāhī viṭṭhal gaṇapatī dujā nāhī

Vinayaka Ashtottarashata Namavali (विनायक अष्टोत्तरशतनामावली)
Devanagari Sanskrit
ॐ विनायकाय नमः।
विघ्नराजाय नमः।
गौरीपुत्राय नमः।
गणेश्वराय नमः।
स्कंदाग्रजाय नमः।
अव्ययाय नमः।
पूताय नमः।
दक्षाध्यक्ष्याय नमः।
द्विजप्रियाय नमः।
अग्निगर्भच्छिदे नमः।१०।
इंद्रश्रीप्रदाय नमः।
वाणीबलप्रदाय नमः।
शर्वतनयाय नमः।
गौरीतनूजाय नमः।
शर्वरीप्रियाय नमः।
सर्वात्मकाय नमः।
सृष्टिकर्त्रे नमः।
देवानेकार्चिताय नमः।
शिवाय नमः।
शुद्धाय नमः।२०।
बुद्धिप्रियाय नमः।
शांताय नमः।
ब्रह्मचारिणे नमः।
गजाननाय नमः।
द्वैमातुराय नमः।
मुनिस्तुत्याय नमः।
एकदंताय नमः।
चतुर्बाहवे नमः।
सर्वसिद्धिप्रदायकाय नमः।
भक्त विघ्न विनाशनाय नमः।३०।
शक्तिसंयुताय नमः।
चतुराय नमः।
लम्बोदराय नमः।
शूर्पकर्णाय नमः।
हेरंबाय नमः।
ब्रह्मवित्तमाय नमः।
कालाय नमः।
ग्रहपतये नमः।
कामिने नमः।
पाशांकुशधराय नमः।४०।
छंदाय नमः।
गुणातीताय नमः।
निरंजनाय नमः।
अकल्मषाय नमः।
बीजापूरकराय नमः।
अव्यक्ताय नमः।
गदिने नमः।
वरदाय नमः।
शाश्वताय नमः।
कृतिने नमः।५०।
विद्वत्प्रियाय नमः।
वीतभयाय नमः।
चक्रिणे नमः।
इक्षुचापधृते नमः।
सोमसूर्याग्निलोचनाय नमः।
स्वयंसिद्धार्चितपदाय नमः।
अब्जोत्पलकराय नमः।
श्रीधाय नमः।
हेतवे नमः।
स्तुतिहर्षताय नमः।६०।
कलाद्भृते नमः।
जटिने नमः।
चंद्रचूडाय नमः।
अमरेश्वराय नमः।
नागयज्ञोपवीतिने नमः।
वृतिने नमः।
श्रीकांताय नमः।
रामार्चितपदाय नमः।
स्थूलकांताय नमः।
त्रयीकर्त्रे नमः।७०।
संघोषप्रियाय नमः।
पुरुषोत्तमाय नमः।
स्थूलतुंडाय नमः।
अग्रजन्याय नमः।
ग्रामण्ये नमः।
गणपाय नमः।
स्थिराय नमः।
वृद्धिदाय नमः।
सुभगाय नमः।
शूराय नमः।८०।
वागीशाय नमः।
सिद्धिदाय नमः।
कांताय नमः।
पापहारिणे नमः।
दूर्वाबिल्वप्रियाय नमः।
भक्त-आकांक्षितदाय नमः।
सच्चिदानंदविग्रहाय नमः।
प्रमत्तदैत्यभयदाय नमः।
कृतागमाय नमः।
समाहिताय नमः।९०।
वक्रतुंडाय नमः।
श्रीप्रदाय नमः।
सौम्याय नमः।
अच्युताय नमः।
केवलाय नमः।
सिद्धाय नमः।
ज्ञानिने नमः।
मायायुक्ताय नमः।
दंताय नमः।
ब्रह्मिष्ठाय नमः।१००।
समस्तजगदाधाराय नमः।
वरमूषकवाहनाय नमः।
सर्वसिद्धिप्रदायकाय नमः।
भयावर्चिताय नमः।
व्यक्तमूर्तये नमः।
अमूर्तये नमः।
हृष्टस्तुताय नमः।
प्रसन्नात्मने नमः।
पार्वतीशंकरोत्संगखेलनोत्सवलालनाय नमः ॥

Romanized Sanskrit
oṁ vināyakāya namaḥ ।
vighnarājāya namaḥ ।
gaurīputrāya namaḥ ।
gaṇeśvarāya namaḥ ।
skandāgrajāya namaḥ ।
avyayāya namaḥ ।
pūtāya namaḥ ।
dakṣādhyakṣyāya namaḥ ।
dvijapriyāya namaḥ ।
agnigarbhacchide namaḥ ।10।
indraśrīpradāya namaḥ ।
vāṇībalapradāya namaḥ ।
śarvatanayāya namaḥ ।
gaurītanūjāya namaḥ ।
śarvarīpriyāya namaḥ ।
sarvātmakāya namaḥ ।
sṛṣṭikartre namaḥ ।
devānekārcitāya namaḥ ।
śivāya namaḥ ।
śuddhāya namaḥ ।20।
buddhipriyāya namaḥ ।
śāntāya namaḥ ।
brahmacāriṇe namaḥ ।
gajānanāya namaḥ ।
dvaimāturāya namaḥ ।
munistutyāya namaḥ ।
ekadantāya namaḥ ।
caturbāhave namaḥ ।
sarvasiddhipradāyakāya namaḥ ।
bhakta vighna vināśanāya namaḥ ।30।
śaktisaṁyutāya namaḥ ।
caturāya namaḥ ।
lambodarāya namaḥ ।
śūrpakarṇāya namaḥ ।
herambāya namaḥ ।
brahmavittamāya namaḥ ।
kālāya namaḥ ।
grahapataye namaḥ ।
kāmine namaḥ ।
pāśāṅkuśadharāya namaḥ ।40।
chandāya namaḥ ।
guṇātītāya namaḥ ।
nirañjanāya namaḥ ।
akalmaṣāya namaḥ ।
bījāpūrakarāya namaḥ ।
avyaktāya namaḥ ।
gadine namaḥ ।
varadāya namaḥ ।
śāśvatāya namaḥ ।
kṛtine namaḥ ।50।
vidvatpriyāya namaḥ ।
vītabhayāya namaḥ ।
cakriṇe namaḥ ।
ikṣucāpadhṛte namaḥ ।
somasūryāgnilocanāya namaḥ ।
svayaṁsiddhārcitapadāya namaḥ ।
abjotpalakarāya namaḥ ।
śrīdhāya namaḥ ।
hetave namaḥ ।
stutiharṣatāya namaḥ ।60।
kalādbhṛte namaḥ ।
jaṭine namaḥ ।
candracūḍāya namaḥ ।
amareśvarāya namaḥ ।
nāgayajñopavītine namaḥ ।
vṛtine namaḥ ।
śrīkāntāya namaḥ ।
rāmārcitapadāya namaḥ ।
sthūlakāntāya namaḥ ।
trayīkartre namaḥ ।70।
saṅghoṣapriyāya namaḥ ।
puruṣottamāya namaḥ ।
sthūlatuṇḍāya namaḥ ।
agrajanyāya namaḥ ।
grāmaṇye namaḥ ।
gaṇapāya namaḥ ।
sthirāya namaḥ ।
vṛddhidāya namaḥ ।
subhagāya namaḥ ।
śūrāya namaḥ ।80।
vāgīśāya namaḥ ।
siddhidāya namaḥ ।
kāntāya namaḥ ।
pāpahāriṇe namaḥ ।
dūrvābilvapriyāya namaḥ ।
bhakta-ākāṅkṣitadāya namaḥ ।
saccidānandavigrahāya namaḥ ।
pramattadaityabhayadāya namaḥ ।
kṛtāgamāya namaḥ ।
samāhitāya namaḥ ।90।
vakratuṇḍāya namaḥ ।
śrīpradāya namaḥ ।
saumyāya namaḥ ।
acyutāya namaḥ ।
kevalāya namaḥ ।
siddhāya namaḥ ।
jñānine namaḥ ।
māyāyuktāya namaḥ ।
dantāya namaḥ ।
brahmiṣṭhāya namaḥ ।100।
samastajagadādhārāya namaḥ ।
varamūṣakavāhanāya namaḥ ।
sarvasiddhipradāyakāya namaḥ ।
bhayāvarcitāya namaḥ ।
vyaktamūrtaye namaḥ ।
amūrtaye namaḥ ।
hṛṣṭastutāya namaḥ ।
prasannātmane namaḥ ।
pārvatīśaṅkarotsaṅgakhelanotsavalālanāya namaḥ ॥

Sri Maha Ganapathi (श्रीमहागणपति)
Devanagari Sanskrit
श्रीमहागणपति रवतु माम् सिद्धिविनायको मातंगमुख

कामजनक विधीन्द्रसन्नुत कमलालय तटनिवासो
कोमलतर पल्लवपदकर गुरुगुहाग्रजः शिवात्मजः

सुवर्णाकर्षण विघ्नराजो पादाम्बुजो गौरवर्ण वसनधरो फालचंद्रो
नरादिविनुत लम्बोदरो कुवलयस्वविषाण पाशांकुश मोदक
प्रकाशकरो भवजलधिनावो मूलप्रकृतिस्वभावस्सुखतरो
रविसहस्रसन्निभदेहो कविजननुतमूषिकवाहो
अवनतदेवतासमूहो अविनाशकैवल्यदेहो

Romanized Sanskrit
śrīmahāgaṇapati ravatu mām siddhivināyako mātaṅgamukha

kāmajanaka vidhīndrasannuta kamalālaya taṭanivāso
komalatara pallavapadakara guruguhāgrajaḥ śivātmajaḥ

suvarṇākarṣaṇa vighnarājo pādāmbujo gauravarṇa vasanadharo phālacandro
narādivinuta lambodaro kuvalayasvaviṣāṇa pāśāṁkuśa modaka
prakāśakaro bhavajaladhināvo mūlaprakṛtisvabhāvassukhataro
ravisahasrasannibhadeho kavijananutamūṣikavāho
avanatadevatāsamūho avināśakaivalyadeho

Ganesha Dvadasha Namani (गणेश द्वादशनामानि)

Devanagari Sanskrit
प्रणम्य शिरसा देवं गौरीपुत्रं विनायकम् ।
भक्तावासं स्मरेन्नित्यं आयुःकामार्थसिद्धये ॥ १॥
प्रथमं वक्रतुण्डं च एकदन्तं द्वितीयकम् ।
तृतीयं कृष्णपिङ्गाक्षं गजवक्त्रं चतुर्थकम् ॥ २॥
लम्बोदरं पञ्चमं च षष्ठं विकटमेव च ।
सप्तमं विघ्नराजेन्द्रं धूम्रवर्णं तथाष्टमम् ॥ ३॥
नवमं भालचन्द्रं च दशमं तु विनायकम् ।
एकादशं गणपतिं द्वादशं तु गजाननम् ॥ ४॥
द्वादशैतानि नामानि त्रिसंध्यं यः पठेन्नरः ।
न च विघ्नभयं तस्य सर्वसिद्धिकरः प्रभुः ॥ ५॥
विद्यार्थी लभते विद्यां धनार्थी लभते धनम् ।
पुत्रार्थी लभते पुत्रान्मोक्षार्थी लभते गतिम् ॥ ६॥
जपेत्-गणपतिस्तोत्रं षड्भिर्मासैः फलं लभेत् ।
संवत्सरेण सिद्धिं च लभते नात्र संशयः ॥ ७॥
अष्टेभ्यो ब्राह्मणेभ्यश्च लिखित्वा यः समर्पयेत् ।
तस्य विद्या भवेत्सर्वा गणेशस्य प्रसादतः ॥ ८॥

Romanized Sanskrit
praṇamya śirasā devaṁ gaurīputraṁ vināyakam ।
bhaktāvāsaṁ smarennityam āyuḥkāmārthasiddhaye ॥ 1॥
prathamaṁ vakratuṇḍaṁ ca ekadantaṁ dvitīyakam ।
tṛtīyaṁ kṛṣṇapiṅgākṣaṁ gajavaktraṁ caturthakam ॥ 2॥
lambodaraṁ pañcamaṁ ca ṣaṣṭhaṁ vikaṭameva ca ।
saptamaṁ vighnarājendraṁ dhūmravarṇaṁ tathāṣṭamam ॥ 3॥
navamaṁ bhālacandraṁ ca daśamaṁ tu vināyakam ।
ekādaśaṁ gaṇapatiṁ dvādaśaṁ tu gajānanam ॥ 4॥
dvādaśaitāni nāmāni trisandhyaṁ yaḥ paṭhennaraḥ ।
na ca vighnabhayaṁ tasya sarvasiddhikaraḥ prabhuḥ ॥ 5॥
vidyārthī labhate vidyāṁ dhanārthī labhate dhanam ।
putrārthī labhate putrān-mokṣārthī labhate gatim ॥ 6॥
japet-gaṇapatistotraṁ ṣaḍbhirmāsaiḥ phalaṁ labhet ।
saṁvatsareṇa siddhiṁ ca labhate nātra saṁśayaḥ ॥ 7॥
aṣṭebhyo brāhmaṇebhyaśca likhitvā yaḥ samarpayet ।
tasya vidyā bhavetsarvā gaṇeśasya prasādataḥ ॥ 8॥

Lambodhara (लम्बोदर)

Devanagari Sanskrit
गं गं गणपति गजमुख मंडल
गित गिड गित गिड गित गिड थुँ थुँ तत तत थेई
जय जगवंदन वक्रतुंड दानी दाता
विघ्न हरण शुभ करण
धागेन धागे धुमकिट
थुरंग थुरंग गदि गिन थेई
थुरंग थुरंग गदि गिन थेई
थुरंग थुरंग गदि गिन थेई

लम्बोदर हे गौरी नंदन
विघ्न विनाशक गजानन

सिद्धि विनायक हे दुख भंजन
भय नाशक गं मंत्रेश्वर

वागीशाय सुबुद्धि प्रदायक
श्रवणोत्तम मां पाहिमाम्

Romanized Sanskrit
gaṁ gaṁ gaṇapati gajamukha maṇḍala
gita giḍa gita giḍa gita giḍa thum̐ thum̐ tat tat theī
jaya jagavandana vakratuṇḍa dānī dātā
vighna haraṇa śubha karaṇa
dhāgena dhāge dhumakiṭa
thuraṅga thuraṅga gadi gina theī
thuraṅga thuraṅga gadi gina theī
thuraṅga thuraṅga gadi gina theī

lambodara he gaurī nandana
vighna vināśaka gajānana

siddhi vināyaka he dukha bhañjana
bhaya nāśaka gam mantreśvara

vāgīśāya subuddhi pradāyaka
śravaṇottama mām pāhimām

Prabho Ganapathe (प्रभो गणपते)

ப்ரபோ கணபதே பரிபூரண வாழ்வருள்வாயே

சார்ந்து வணங்கிதஂ-துதி பாடியாடி உந்தன் ஸந்நிதி சரண் அடைந்தோமே
சாந்த சித்த ஸௌபாக்யங்கள் யாவையும் தந்தருள் ஸத்குரு நீயே

ஆதிமூல கணநாத கஜாநந அற்புத தவள ஸ்வரூபா
தேவ தேவ ஜய விஜய விநாயக சின்மய பரஶிவ தீபா

ஞான வைராக்ய விசார ஸார ஸ்வர ராக லய நடன பாதா
நாம பஜன குண கீர்த்தன நவ வித நாயக ஜய ஜகந்நாதா

Romanized Tamil
prabho gaṇapate paripūraṇa vāzhvaruḻvāye

sārndu vaṇaṅgit-tudi pāḍiyāḍi undan sannidhi śaraṇ aḍaindome
śānta citta saubhāgyaṅgaḻ yāvaiyum tandaruḻ sadguru nīye

ādimūla gaṇanātha gajānana aṛputa dhavaḻa svarūpā
deva deva jaya vijaya vināyaka cinmaya paraśiva dīpā

jñāna vairāgya vicāra sāra svara rāga laya naṭana pādā
nāma bhajana guṇa kīrtana nava vidha nāyaka jaya jagannāthā

Dashakshara Mantra Stotram (दशाक्षर मन्त्र स्तोत्रम्)

Devanagari Sanskrit
श्री गजानन जय गजानन जय गजानन मोरया ॥
असच्छक्तिश्च सत्सूर्यः समो विष्णुर्महामुने ।
अव्यक्तः शंकरस्तेषां संयोगे गणपो भवेत् ॥ १॥
संयोगे मायया युक्तो गणेशो ब्रह्मनायकः ।
अयोगे मायया हीनो भवति मुनिसत्तमा ॥ २॥
संयोगायोगयोर्योगे योगो गणेशसंज्ञितः ।
शान्तिभ्यः शान्तिदः प्रोक्तो भजने भक्तिसंयुतः ॥ ३॥
एवमुक्त्वा गणेशस्य ददौ मंत्रं स मुद्गलः ।
एकाक्षरं विधियुतं ततः सोऽन्तर्हितोऽभवत् ॥ ४॥
ततोऽहं गणराजं तमभजं सर्वभावतः ।
तेन शान्ति समायुक्तश्चरामि त्वकुतोभयः ॥ ५॥
न गणेशात्परं ब्रह्म न गणेशात्परं तपः ।
न गणेशात्परं कर्म ज्ञानं न गणपात्परम् ॥ ६॥
न गणेशात्परो योगो भक्तिर्न गणपात्परा ।
तस्मात्स सर्वपूज्योऽयं सर्वादौ सिद्धिदायकः ॥ ७॥
गणेशानं परित्यज्य कर्मज्ञानादिकं चरेत् ।
तत्सर्वं निष्फलं याति भस्मनि प्रहुतं यथा ॥ ८॥
सर्वांस्त्यज्य गणेशं यो भजतेऽनन्यचेतसा ।
सर्वसिद्धिं लभेत्सद्यो ब्रह्मभूतः स कथ्यते ॥ ९॥
एवमुक्त्वाऽत्रितस्तस्मै ददौ मंत्रं दशाक्षरम् ।
विधियुक्तं ततः साक्षात्-अंतर्धानं चकार ह ॥ १०॥

Romanized Sanskrit
śrī gajānana jaya gajānana jaya gajānana morayā ॥
asacchaktiśca satsūryaḥ samo viṣṇurmahāmune ।
avyaktaḥ śaṅkarasteṣāṁ saṁyoge gaṇapo bhavet ॥ 1॥
saṁyoge māyayā yukto gaṇeśo brahmanāyakaḥ ।
ayoge māyayā hīno bhavati munisattamā ॥ 2॥
saṁyogāyogayoryoge yogo gaṇeśasaṁjñitaḥ ।
śāntibhyaḥ śāntidaḥ prokto bhajane bhaktisaṁyutaḥ ॥ 3॥
evamuktvā gaṇeśasya dadau mantraṁ sa mudgalaḥ ।
ekākṣaraṁ vidhiyutaṁ tataḥ so’ntarhito’bhavat ॥ 4॥
tato’haṁ gaṇarājaṁ tamabhajaṁ sarvabhāvataḥ ।
tena śānti samāyuktaścarāmi tvakutobhayaḥ ॥ 5॥
na gaṇeśātparaṁ brahma na gaṇeśātparaṁ tapaḥ ।
na gaṇeśātparaṁ karma jñānaṁ na gaṇapātparam ॥ 6॥
na gaṇeśātparo yogo bhaktirna gaṇapātparā ।
tasmātsa sarvapūjyo’yaṁ sarvādau siddhidāyakaḥ ॥ 7॥
gaṇeśānaṁ parityajya karmajñānādikaṁ caret ।
tatsarvaṁ niṣphalaṁ yāti bhasmani prahutaṁ yathā ॥ 8॥
sarvāṁstyajya gaṇeśaṁ yo bhajate’nanyacetasā ।
sarvasiddhiṁ labhetsadyo brahmabhūtaḥ sa kathyate ॥ 9॥
evamuktvā’tritastasmai dadau mantraṁ daśākṣaram ।
vidhiyuktaṁ tataḥ sākṣāt-antardhānaṁ cakāra ha ॥ 10॥

Ganesha Mantra Stotram (गणेश मन्त्र स्तोत्रम्द)

Devanagari Sanskrit
श्रृणु पुत्र महाभाग योगशान्तिप्रदायकम् ।
येन त्वं सर्वयोगज्ञो ब्रह्मभूतो भविष्यसि ॥ १॥
चित्तं पञ्चविधं प्रोक्तं क्षिप्तं मूढं महामते ।
विक्षिप्तं च तथैकाग्रं निरोधं भूमिसज्ञकम् ॥ २॥
तत्र प्रकाशकर्ताऽसौ चिन्तामणिहृदि स्थितः ।
साक्षाद्योगेश योगेज्ञैर्लभ्यते भूमिनाशनात् ॥ ३॥
चित्तरूपा स्वयम्बुद्धिश्चित्तभ्रान्तिकरी मता ।
सिद्धिर्माया गणेशस्य मायाखेलक उच्यते ॥ ४॥
अतो गणेशमंत्रेण गणेशं भज पुत्रक ।
तेन त्वं ब्रह्मभूतस्तं शन्तियोगमवापस्यसि ॥ ५॥
इत्युक्त्वा गणराजस्य ददौ मंत्रं तथारुणिः ।
एकाक्षरं स्वपुत्राय ध्यनादिभ्यः सुसंयुतम् ॥ ६॥
तेन तं साधयति स्म गणेशं सर्वसिद्धिदम् ।
क्रमेण शान्तिमापन्नो योगिवन्द्योऽभवत्ततः ॥ ७॥

Romanized Sanskrit
śṛṇu putra mahābhāga yogaśāntipradāyakam ।
yena tvaṁ sarvayogajño brahmabhūto bhaviṣyasi ॥ 1॥
cittaṁ pañcavidhaṁ proktaṁ kṣiptaṁ mūḍhaṁ mahāmate ।
vikṣiptaṁ ca tathaikāgraṁ nirodhaṁ bhūmisajñakam ॥ 2॥
tatra prakāśakartā’sau cintāmaṇihṛdi sthitaḥ ।
sākṣādyogeśa yogejñairlabhyate bhūmināśanāt ॥ 3॥
cittarūpā svayaṁbuddhiścittabhrāntikarī matā ।
siddhirmāyā gaṇeśasya māyākhelaka ucyate ॥ 4॥
ato ga eśamantreṇa gaṇeśaṁ bhaja putraka ।
tena tvaṁ brahmabhūtastaṁ śantiyogamavāpasyasi ॥ 5॥
ityuktvā gaṇarājasya dadau mantraṁ tathāruṇiḥ ।
ekākṣaraṁ svaputrāya dhyanādibhyaḥ susaṁyutam ॥ 6॥
tena taṁ sādhayati sma gaṇeśaṁ sarvasiddhidam ।
krameṇa śāntimāpanno yogivandyo’bhavattataḥ ॥ 7॥

Ajam Nirvikalpam (अजं निर्विकल्पम्)

Devanagari Sanskrit
अजं निर्विकल्पं निराकारमेकं निरानन्दमानन्दमद्वैतपूर्णम् ।
परं निर्गुणं निर्विशेषं निरीहं परब्रह्मरूपं गणेशं भजेम ॥ १॥
गुणातीतमानं चिदानन्दरूपं चिदाभासकं सर्वगं ज्ञानगम्यम् ।
मुनिध्येयमाकाशरूपं परेशं परब्रह्मरूपं गणेशं भजेम ॥ २॥
जगत्कारणं कारणज्ञानरूपं सुरादिं सुखादिं गुणेशं गणेशम् ।
जगद्व्यापिनं विश्ववन्द्यं सुरेशं परब्रह्मरूपं गणेशं भजेम ॥ ३॥
रजोयोगतो ब्रह्मरूपं श्रुतिज्ञं सदा कार्यसक्तं हृदाऽचिन्त्यरूपम् ।
जगत्कारणं सर्वविद्यानिदानं परब्रह्मरूपं गणेशं नताः स्मः ॥ ४॥
सदा सत्ययोग्यं मुदा क्रीडमानं सुरारीन्हरन्तं जगत्पालयन्तम् ।
अनेकावतारं निजाज्ञानहारं सदा विश्वरूपं गणेशं नमामः ॥ ५॥
तमोयोगिनं रुद्ररूपं त्रिनेत्रं जगद्धारकं तारकं ज्ञानहेतुम् ।
अनेकागमैः स्वं जनं बोधयन्तं सदा सर्वरूपं गणेशं नमामः ॥ ६॥
तमस्स्तोमहारं जनाज्ञानहारं त्रयीवेदसारं परब्रह्मसारम् ।
मुनिज्ञानकारं विदूरे विकारं सदा ब्रह्मरूपं गणेशं नमामः ॥ ७॥
निजैरोषधीस्तर्पयन्तं कराद्यैरसुरौघ्नकलाभिः सुधास्राविणीभिः ।
दिनेशांशुसन्तापहारं द्विजेशं शशांकस्वरूपं गणेशं नमामः ॥ ८॥
प्रकाशस्वरूपं नमो वायुरूपं विकारादिहेतुं कलाधाररूपम् ।
अनेकक्रियानेकशक्तिस्वरूपं सदा शक्तिरूपं गणेशं नमामः ॥ ९॥
प्रधानस्वरूपं महत्तत्वरूपं धराचारिरूपं दिगीशादिरूपम् ।
असत्सत्स्वरूपं जगद्धेतुरूपं सदा विश्वरूपं गणेशं नताः स्मः ॥ १०॥
त्वदीये मनः स्थापयेदंघ्रियुग्मे जनो विघ्नसंघादपीडां लभेत ।
लसत्सूर्यबिम्बे विशाले स्थितोऽयं जनो ध्वान्तपीडां कथं वा लभेत ॥ ११॥
वयं भ्रामिताः सर्वथाऽज्ञानयोगादलब्धास्तवाङ्घ्रिं बहून्वर्षपूगान् ।
इदानीमवाप्तास्तवैव प्रसादात्प्रपन्नान्सदा पाहि विश्वम्भराद्य ॥ १२॥

Romanized Sanskrit
ajaṁ nirvikalpaṁ nirākāramekaṁ nirānandamānandamadvaitapūrṇam ।
paraṁ nirguṇaṁ nirviśeṣaṁ nirīhaṁ parabrahmarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ bhajema ॥ 1॥
guṇātītamānaṁ cidānandarūpaṁ cidābhāsakaṁ sarvagaṁ jñānagamyam ।
munidhyeyamākāśarūpaṁ pareśaṁ parabrahmarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ bhajema ॥ 2॥
jagatkāraṇaṁ kāraṇajñānarūpaṁ surādiṁ sukhādiṁ guṇeśaṁ gaṇeśam ।
jagadvyāpinaṁ viśvavandyaṁ sureśaṁ parabrahmarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ bhajema ॥ 3॥
rajoyogato brahmarūpaṁ śrutijñaṁ sadā kāryasaktaṁ hṛdā’cintyarūpam ।
jagatkāraṇaṁ sarvavidyānidānaṁ parabrahmarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ natāḥ smaḥ ॥ 4॥
sadā satyayogyaṁ mudā krīḍamānaṁ surārīnharantaṁ jagatpālayantam ।
anekāvatāraṁ nijājñānahāraṁ sadā viśvarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ namāmaḥ ॥ 5॥
tamoyoginaṁ rudrarūpaṁ trinetraṁ jagaddhārakaṁ tārakaṁ jñānahetum ।
anekāgamaiḥ svaṁ janaṁ bodhayantaṁ sadā sarvarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ namāmaḥ ॥ 6॥
tamasstomahāraṁ janājñānahāraṁ trayīvedasāraṁ parabrahmasāram ।
munijñānakāraṁ vidūre vikāraṁ sadā brahmarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ namāmaḥ ॥ 7॥
nijairoṣadhīstarpayantaṁ karādyairasuraughnakalābhiḥ sudhāsrāviṇībhiḥ ।
dineśāṁśusantāpahāraṁ dvijeśaṁ śaśāṅkasvarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ namāmaḥ ॥ 8॥
prakāśasvarūpaṁ namo vāyurūpaṁ vikārādihetuṁ kalādhārarūpam ।
anekakriyānekaśaktisvarūpaṁ sadā śaktirūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ namāmaḥ ॥ 9॥
pradhānasvarūpaṁ mahattatvarūpaṁ dharācārirūpaṁ digīśādirūpam ।
asatsatsvarūpaṁ jagaddheturūpaṁ sadā viśvarūpaṁ gaṇeśaṁ natāḥ smaḥ ॥ 10॥
tvadīye manaḥ sthāpayedaṅghriyugme jano vighnasaṅghādapīḍāṁ labheta ।
lasatsūryabimbe viśāle sthito’yaṁ jano dhvāntapīḍāṁ kathaṁ vā labheta ॥ 11॥
vayaṁ bhrāmitāḥ sarvathā’jñānayogādalabdhāstavāṅghriṁ bahūnvarṣapūgān ।
idānīmavāptāstavaiva prasādātprapannānsadā pāhi viśvambharādya ॥ 12॥

Yuva Rhythms: Gurudev the Musical

The second installment in the Yuva Rhythms series features the music from the CHYK West stage production, Gurudev: The Musical. With songs in Malayalam, Hindi, English, and more, this album captures moments of Swami Chinmayananda’s life and strives to present his mission through the language of music.

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Track Listing:
1. King of Kings
Subu Narayanan, Charu Veerasubramanian

2. Initiation
Sanchit Malhotra, Subu Narayanan

3. Shiva
Sanchit Malhotra, Subu Narayanan

4. The Revolutionary
Varsha Appaji, Ankita Janakiraman, Anchit Menawat, Subu Narayanan

5. The Exile
Anchit Menawat, Sanchit Malhotra, Subu Narayanan, Sanin Rahman, Samarth Srinivasan

6. The Prisoner
Anchit Menawat

7. Mother
Varsha Appaji

8. Close to God
Sanin Rahman

9. Gangadhara
Subu Narayanan

Yuva Rhythms

The first album in this series, eponymously titled ‘Yuva Rhythms’, features modern renderings of shlokas, bhajans, and poems, in a diverse array of musical genres.

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Track Listing:
1. Ganesha Pancharatnam
Subu Narayanan

2. Gurustotram
Lakshmi Chandrashekar, Om Chitale, Sanchit Malhotra, Ashwin Subramanian

3. Achyutashtakam
Sagar Laud, Sanchit Malhotra, Ashwin Subramanian

4. Madhurashatakam
Lakshmi Chandrashekar, Shirali Patel

5. Ankhini Mein
Shirali Patel, Ashwin Subramanian

6. Mein Gulam
Sagar Laud, Subu Narayanan

7. Mhara Re
Lakshmi Chandrashekar

8. Moko Kahan
Sagar Laud, Devesh Vashishta

9. Chinmayashatakam
Devesh Vashishta

10. Kayena Vacha
Ashwin Subramanian

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